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Strewth! It’s Miss W and Mr. Davo Devil


We never realized last spring that Miss W would actually come to our school! We participated in our first ever Student Blogging Challenge last spring, and we met Miss W then. She left many comments on our blogs and taught us all much about blogging. Blogging Challenge #4, activity 5 was to write about your community–Miss W needs to find her way to your community. Carli wrote a nice post about her town. And Miss W left an exciting comment:

I didn’t think much more about it, but in the summer I was introduced to Mr. Davo Devil and his new blog. It was then that I learned we really were on Miss W’s route. Here is a summer post about it.

Wednesday was our big day! Miss W and Davo came to our school at 10:00 in the morning. She visited with the 7th and 8th graders, ate lunch with us, and then visited with the freshmen, who did the challenge last year.

The 8th graders are writing their own posts about her visit. You can click on their blogs in the margin and read them. Since 7th graders have not yet begun to blog, here are their reflections, in no particular order.

Miss W was cool. I learned a lot from her. Australia is a place I’d like to visit because of the forests, beaches, and, of course, the Tasmanian devils. Miss W made Australia sound cool.

Miss W was very nice. We learned that Tasmanian devils run in circles when carrying meat.

I enjoyed Miss W’s visit. I liked what she told us. I really liked her accent. I learned some things about Australia that I never knew before, like that Tasmania is an island.

Miss W came bearing gifts.

I learned a lot of stuff when Miss W came. She lives in Tasmania. It’s a very small state, about 2 hours long. They have most of the stuff there that we have here.

When Miss W came I was really excited, and I thought her accent was awesome! Her facts about Tasmania were really interesting> I was glad she came.

I like Miss W. I loved hearing a different accent. She taught me that they say different things than we do in America. Like we say trunk. They say boot.

Tyler tweeted about our visitor.

Miss W was cool. I like her accent. I think it was cool that she lives in Tasmania. Iowa is 55,869 square miles and Tasmania is 26,383 square miles.

I’m surprised that Miss W actually took this trip. How many states have you gone through? You must have gone through a lot of gas stations. (Or should we say petrol stations?)

Miss W was the best. It was cool that in the Australian Football League you bounce the ball. It was very cool to meet a person from Tasmania, and learn how she traveled.

I really enjoyed Miss W’s visit here, and I learned a lot of new things that I never knew. I did not know that their main food down there was just like down here. MEAT! 🙂

When Miss W visited, I learned about Tasmanian devils. Many Tasmanian devils are getting tumors on the side of their heads, so they are going to try to put them on a secluded island so they don’t die from the disease and they don’t go extinct. Miss W’s visit was fun.

We learned a lot from Miss W’s fun visit. We learned that she is from Tasmania and that it is smaller than half of Iowa, and that it was two hours long and wide.

Miss W told us about Tasmanian devils and about diseases they get. She brought a stuffed devil with her and showed it to us.

Miss W travels around the world with her stuffed Tasmanian devil. Ours in the only school she had been to with a uniform. She taught us words they say in Tasmania, like lollies and sweets for what we call candy.

I really enjoyed Miss W’s visit. I really liked it when she told us more about the Tasmanian devil. We found out a lot about Tasmania, where she lives. She was really nice and taught us a lot.

It was fun for Miss W to come and tell us about Australia and T-devils.

Miss W,
Thanks for visiting us, and we hope you enjoy it. We hope you have a good trip and travel safely.

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  1. Great reflections in your post, 7th graders.

    It was interesting to read about Miss W and Davo’s visit to your school. As a fellow Tasmanian it is intriguing to read your comments about the size of Iowa compared to Tasmania. Did any of you try some vegemite?


    Mrs S

  2. Mrs. S.,
    Thanks so much for visiting our blog and commenting. We loved the visit from Miss W. Some of us even loved the Vegemite. That is a topic for another blog post coming soon, though.

    Mrs. Krebs

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! We did, too. It was such a privilege to meet Mr. Davo and Miss W. We will be tasting the Vegemite next week!

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