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November 15, 2012
by Denise Krebs

We Did it for American Cancer Society

from iClipart for Iowa Schools

Wow! In just six weeks, junior highers made a huge mark! On September 13, we wrote a blog post called, “American Cancer Fundraisers.” In that post they shared their brainstormed list of ideas, which was quite ambitious.

In reality, what they did was even more ambitious! They made a lot of money, but even better, they shared their genius, persevered, fought cancer, and more than reached their goals!

In their beautiful words, I’ll let the students tell you about our successes. Click on their names to read their whole blog posts.

  • Madi – “We all worked together to make as much money as possible.”
  • Mason – “We earned money for the ACS this year and we did a lot of ways.”
  • Paige – “We had a bake sale, petting zoo, babysitting, casual day and a ribbon of faith.”
  • Sierra – “We made a Ribbon of Faith where we put survivors or people that died fighting against cancer.”
  • Jordan – “These are all the fundraisers we did for the ACS. Ribbon of Faith-$294,30. Petting Zoo and Horse Racing Games-$450. Casual day-$118,20. Coin Drive-$322,54. Babysitting-$48. Bake Sale and Raffles-$544.86.”
  • Thomas – “We raised a total of $1778.90 for cancer research.”
  • Dustin – “On Wednesday October 31, Our school held a Relay Recess.”
  • Jason – “My school hosted a Relay Recess in Honor and in Memory of those that have had cancer.”
  • Cooper – “We had education stations for all of the kids. We taught them how to prevent cancer. It was a fun day.”
  • MaKenna – “The stations we had were
    • Sun safety
    • Tobacco Awareness
    • Healthy Eating
    • Physical Activity”
  • Kaylee – “These activities were really fun for us to plan and the kids had  a lot of fun learning.”
  • Joey – “the 7th and 8th graders would teach the kids how to stay healthy and teach them not to do bad things to their body”
  • Anna P – “We also did an activity of doing twenty jumping jacks and then breathing through a straw with your fingers pinching your nose shut so you can not breath out of it. This shows how it is like to breath when you are a smoker.”
  • Kennedy – “We had 10 cancer survivors come and walk with us.”
  • Anna – “This year we had Shawn D. and his son come to play games and to play music for us.We had a bouncy house for the little kids…”
  • Jade – “We asked 7th and 8th graders to bring baked goods and we sold them.”
  • Lucas – “We all had different colors. 8th graders had purple and the 7th graders were yellow.”
  • John
  • David
  • Brian – “This fundraiser was very educational for all the kids that were involved and also for the adults that have had or are fighting cancer.”
  • Deven – “The 4-6 graders came and we had a lap for the survivors and then we had a free time with the DJ and the bouncy house we rented.”
  • Atze – “Doing this meant a lot to me because I know people who are cancer survivors and those who lost the battle.  I am one of the lucky ones, a doctor found out that I had it before it got really bad and cut the cancerous skin off my body. “
  • Lauren – “We are just one small eighth grade class with a maximum amount of 17 people but we a raised over 1,750 dollars! Now that’s success.”
  • Jared – “We are only a piece of the puzzle for the cure for cancer.”

I’m very proud of each of them!


May 18, 2012
by Denise Krebs

Research Workshop Products

The last two weeks of school, history students were given time to research a topic they wanted to learn. Students were engaged and actively learning about a subject they cared about. Then they created a product to show their learning. Here are a few of their products…

An animap by Jason and Andrew of Sherman’s March to the Sea, Part 1.

Click to see the Animap on the webpage.

Sherman’s March Animap, Part 2.

Vanessa made a simulation board game to show some of the hardships slaves faced when trying to escape.

Another good product was a Fakebook page, which was an excellent way to show learning. Fakebook can be found at Click here to see Shiann’s fictionalized Brett family fakebook page.

Click to visit the Brett Family Fakebook page.

January 30, 2012
by Denise Krebs
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Painting Barn Quilts: Geniuses at Work

Thanks for visiting our barn quilt blog posts. Click on anyone’s name to read that person’s post about our latest project. (If you don’t know whose to read, just pick your favorite number between 1-33 and go to that blog post.) Enjoy! And we always appreciate your comments. Thanks!

  1. Andrew

  2. Becca

  3. Tyler

  4. Justin

  5. Chandler

  6. Christina

  7. Grace

  8. Jason

  9. Krayton

  10. Meghan

  11. Paris

  12. Paul

  13. Shiann

  14. Jaci

  15. Vanessa

  16. Atze

  17. Anna

  18. Brian

  19. Anna

  20. Joey

  21. Paige

  22. Deven

  23. Cesar

  24. Cooper

  25. Lauren

  26. Dustin

  27. Jared

  28. Jason

  29. Jade

  30. Kaylee

  31. Madison

  32. Thomas

  33. Lucas

January 9, 2012
by Denise Krebs

Fortune Cookie Quote

Tyler wrote this sweet saying on the whiteboard this morning. He had seen it in a fortune cookie, and has been sharing it with the world ever since.

Before the mashup

It’s Monday Mashup, so here’s what I did with the image…

I used First I cropped the image to just show the quote. Then I edited the words with Artsy Effect, Sketcher #1. Finally, I added Photo Effect, Sunburst #1.

More info about Monday Mashup.

Students’ Monday Mashups Posts

November 28, 2011
by Denise Krebs

We Had A Genius Hour

There is no great genius without a mixture of madness. ~ Aristotle

Last Wednesday we had our first Genius Hour. Here are our learnings and creations. Besides the creating and learning going on, many students were also using new programs for them, such as iMovie, Edublogs, and SchoolTube, for reporting their learning. They made their teachers proud! (In addition, here is a link to their self-evaluations.)

Vanessa – Made a Flickr account and uploaded pictures

Christina, Paris, Shiann – Edited photos and made collages.

Cooper and Dustin – Made sports polls and sent them to fellow students to answer.

Joey and Brian – Made an airplane out of cardboard.

Jason and Cesar – Built boats out of cardboard. Cesar’s boat turned into a bed for our classroom Panda. Jason wrote a blog post here.

Justin and Chandler / Jason and Paul / Tyler and Andrew – Each partnership built a birdhouse and made a how-to video.

The finished masterpieces

Becca wanted to practice making movies, so she took video of Genius Hour using the iPad, emailed the files to herself and edited this movie on iMovie.

Jaci, Krayton, and Meghan used their acting talents to make a funny and educational video about Christmas trees.

Lauren and Paige learned new friendship bracelet patterns.

Seventh grader Anna started a novel and signed up for NaNoWriMo, a late start, but she is poised for a win by November 30.

Anna and Kaylee made a basketball presentation.

Jade learned to use Edublogs by making a post and adding photos with captions.  Her first post is a photo guessing game.

Lucas and Thomas – Made a car out of Legos.

Deven and Jared – Used the program Scratch for the first time and made this cool animation all in one hour.
Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Madison decorated a towel with an inspirational saying.
Madi at Work

Atze was in California for Genius Hour, but he figured out how to use Edublogs and wrote his first post here.

November 11, 2011
by Denise Krebs

Doing the Stuff

Imagination. I love the new commercial for Canon on creativity, imagination, and contributing. You can view it here. Here’s another inspiring one from Apple–Think Different.

On November 23, we are going to have a “genius hour”–a time for you to imagine and do whatever you want!

Gary Stager shared ten things you can do on a laptop.

  1. Write a Novel
  2. Share Your Knowledge
  3. Answer Tough Questions
  4. Make Sense of Data
  5. Design a Video Game
  6. Build a Killer Robot
  7. Lose Weight
  8. Direct a Blockbuster
  9. Compose a Symphony
  10. Change the World
  11. (Bonus) Be a Scientist, a Mathematician, an Engineer, a Luthier, etc., etc., etc.

What can you do in your own block of time?

Here are some more questions to ask yourself:

  1. What new idea do you want to develop?
  2. What have you been wanting to try?
  3. What skill can you master?
  4. What tool can you learn that will help you work better?
  5. What tool could help you create something beautiful?
  6. What tool could help you communicate better?

More Genius Questions from Angela Maiers

  1. How can we make it better?
  2. How can we make each other better?
  3. How do we know this to be so?
  4. Is this what is needed most?
  5. What is it we hope to accomplish and what’s stopping us?
  6. What are we most proud of?
  7. What is possible?
  8. When can we start?
  9. How will we prevent failure?
  10. How can we make this happen?
  11. Who can make this happen?
  12. What do we regret most?
  13. How can we make the best use of…?
  14. What if we…?

Here is a list of cool tools for school by categories. You can try something here. You can try something that is not on the computer too. It’s up to you.

What will you do for genius hour?

If you still don’t have an idea, here are some possible inspirations…

Serial Story

Public Service Announcement

Create a guessing game, puzzle or creative writing prompt…

This list will continue to grow. For now, I just want you to think about possibilities!

August 23, 2011
by Denise Krebs

What is History?

First day of school and I wanted to ask this question of my 8th grade geniuses: “What is History?”

They wrote some deep thoughts, considering it was 80+ degrees in our room and 9:00 a.m. on the first day after a long summer of freedom.

Here are the significant things they had to say:

Then we watched this awesome video by Miss Hamad in New South Wales.

This year in history class, we will work on answering the questions in the video:

  1. What happened?
  2. How can I honor those before me?
  3. How does yesterday affect me?
  4. What dreams do I have?
  5. How can I make sense of today?
  6. What mistakes can I avoid?
  7. How can I change my world?
  8. Who am I?

We are already off to a great start. You can see how much I will enjoy learning and growing with these student geniuses!

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