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June 17, 2019
by Denise Krebs

Can You Break Out?

First of all, you need to solve the puzzles on this page. You will find a three-digit combination.

  • Number 1. How many similes are in this paragraph?_____

The whole class is writing blog posts today! Some of the kids thought of good topics, and they are as busy as bees writing their posts. Do you think anyone will continue writing on the blog this summer? You know this summer it will get as hot as an oven outside, so it might be good to stay inside and do some writing on the blog. Ms. Denise looks forward to seeing your amazing posts. Please “Submit for Review” and you will be writing like a journalist.

  • Number 2. There are 7 boys on a football team. Each boy has a different position, jersey number, and height. Get each person’s jersey number. Add the seven jersey numbers (#) together and divide by 17. Round the answer to the nearest whole number. _____

1. Justin is the goalie
2. The right forward is #10
3. The goalie is 6′ 4”
4. Joe is 6′ 1”
5. Ryan is right forward
6. The person next to Ryan is #14
7. The person who is 6′ 4” is #16
8. #10 is 5′ 8”
9. The left forward is #15
10. Brad is right defense
11. Brendan is #20
12. Michael is 7′ 1”
13. Miguel is #6
14. Michael is left forward
15. #42 is right defense
16. Brad is 6′ 2”
17. #6 is center defense
18. #15 is 7′ 1”
19. #20 is 6′ 7”
20. Miguel is 5′ 10”
21. #14 is 6′ 1”
22. The person who is 6′ 7” is left defense
23. Joe is center forward

(Contributed by Michael B and Brendan D, Grade 5, Edgar Allan Poe School)

  • Number 3. Count the syllables in the following words. Which number of syllables is most common?____
  1. blog
  2. friendship
  3. alligator
  4. different
  5. avocado
  6. summer
  7. motorcycle
  8. potato
  9. cat
  10. helicopter

Now you have three numbers. Can you make a combination to open the small box?

(HINT: Put the numbers in alphabetical order.)

June 4, 2019
by Denise Krebs


Brush Ninja

Make an animation with

Click on EXPORT.

Click on Animation GIF, and EXPORT again.


Make a new blog post.

Click on Add Media>Upload Files>Select Files.

Add animation.

Insert in post.

Submit for Review.


June 2, 2019
by Denise Krebs

Nonfiction Project

You can decide which project to do, the BIOGRAPHY or LEARNING/TEACHING. Click on the title to see the rubric.

Biography Project

  1. Choose a person you can learn about. Find a lot of choices here on Ducksters Biographies for Kids. Here are some Islamic scholars and scientists on Ducksters.
  2. Learn about your special person. Notice at the bottom of each article on Ducksters there is a quiz and an audio recording that you can listen and follow along. 
  3. Write a short piece about your character using first-person perspective. (That means you pretend to be that person, saying “I did this and that.”) Complete these sentence starters:
    • I was born…
    • I work as…
    • My family is…
    • Something I enjoy is…
    • I am proud of…
    • At the end of my life I…
  4. Have your sentences proofread for spelling and grammar.
  5. Write the sentences (or notes to help you remember) on 3×5 cards.
  6. Practice reading the cards until you don’t have to read them so much.
  7. Sign up for a time to present.
  8. Dress up like the person and present to the class.

Learning / Teaching Project

  1. Choose a topic you can learn about. Find a lot of choices here about History, Geography, and Science.
  2. Learn something new about your topic. Notice the links at the bottom to help you read with understanding. 
  3. Complete a graphic organizer with the main idea and supporting details.
  4. Write a short piece about your topic where you are teaching your audience about the topic.
    • Ask a question for an introduction.
    • State the main idea in a sentence.
    • Add three supporting details in 3-6 sentences.
    • End with a concluding sentence.
  5. Have your sentences proofread for organization, spelling, and grammar.
  6. Write the sentences (or notes to help you remember) on 3×5 cards.
  7. Make an animation to illustrate something you will teach us.
  8. Practice reading the cards until you don’t have to read them too much.
  9. Sign up for a time and present to the class.

May 29, 2019
by 26a11hassan

What is Green?

What is Green?

A colour poem by Hassan

Green is an apple in the grass.

Green is the smell of happiness.

Green is the sight of the forest.

Green is the taste of the vegetable.

Green is the sound of tree

Green is the touch of green apple

The age of green is 4 years old

Green moves like a frog

Green is my second favourite colour.  

May 29, 2019
by 26a11hassan

My Seashell

My Seashell

By Hassan Marhoon   

My seashell looks like a snail. It is light brown, dark brown. It sounds and smells like nothing. It is smooth outside, smoother on the inside. It is pointy.  Inside the colour is black and white. It looks like a drill. The colour is black. And inside is black.

May 29, 2019
by 26a12isa

my seashell

My Seashell

My sea shell is strong like a rock and it’s smooth. The color of my seashell is brownish. The small seashell has a small opening. Its pointy like a tower or pencil and it has dots like a dog that has. My seashell is too small and it’s like a cow and it tastes like mint. I love seashells when they are in the sea. My seashell is like chocolate. Yum!

Done by Isa Nooh.

May 2, 2019
by 26b18mohd

Mohammed Hassan Poem

What is Red?
A color poem by Mohammed Hassan

Red is the color of teddy bears.
Red is the smell of apple juice when a farmer drinks it with a goose
Red is the sight of happy Mrs Denise
Red is the taste of sweet apples
Red is the sound of a big red flag moving in the air
Red is the touch of burning fire
The age of red is 5-year-old leaves
Red moves like blood and flags
Red is the best color in the world.

April 27, 2019
by 26a03ali

My Seashell

My Seashell

My seashell is like a skull. Its color is brown, orange, peach, and black. Its sound is like a wind. It does not have a taste. It feels hard LIKE A ROCK. It has a shiny skull. And inside it the color is light brown. And in the middle it has a swirl. It is broken on the edges. It is shaped like a circle. And on the other part of the shell its color is white. In the middle of the other part of the shell it has a dirty thing. I can put my finger inside. It’s hard to break. We can sing on it. It always fall, like a ball.


By: Ali Hassan Aloraibi


                    This is similar to my seashell

April 27, 2019
by 26a22yousif


My one-word poem         

                         My one word is Create.                                             

                                          I love cReating things.

                                             I madE a costume.

                                        I made A house of Legos.

                                           I creaTed dancing toys.

                  But the hardest is bEndy Legos and costumes.


April 26, 2019
by 26a20wissam


a pool poem by


pools pools

they are for cools

fools fools

fools have schools

a rice poem by


rice rice

rice are for

mice mice

how dare eat rice

rice rice

do not say bye


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