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Comment Guidelines

Do at least two of these:

  • Compliment the writer.
  • Add new information.
  • Make a connection.
  • Ask a question.
  • Give a wish or a hope.

Do all of these:

  • Write two or more sentences.
  • Address the person you are talking to and sign your name, like a letter.
  • Protect your privacy. Use first names only. No other identifying details.
  • Use standard English.
  • Proofread.

Thanks to Mrs. Yollis’ class and video for inspiring these comment guidelines.

More great Comment Guidelines: Huzzah! bloggers of 2009-10 and Scattergood Biology. Or from high school freshmen Dominique

We need to continue to develop our own guidelines for comments. What do you think are the most important comment guidelines we should remember? Leave a comment here after you practice some of the guidelines above.


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  2. Don’t need to publish this: Go right ahead! The link and your kind note are perfect. Good luck in all you do. 🙂
    By the way, when I went to open your blog in Internet Explorer, it froze my computer twice–I am wondering if you have some code problems?

    • Thanks for the note about the freezing web page. I’ve heard that from others too. Sue is checking to see if it’s a theme problem. I appreciate your comments and thanks for your great work going before us! Denise

  3. Yalls student appreciation day looked amazing awesome video and awesom blog.

  4. alot of this stuff is pretty cool

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  6. Hello! I’m starting a blogging project with my high school Algebra 2 Honors students this year and I’m THRILLED to have found your online posting and commenting guidelines! I’m using many of them with my students (with proper credit, of course). Thank you so much!

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