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June 10, 2015
by Denise Krebs

Bilbies Coming to Bahrain

Thanks to Mr. Ross Mannell, retired teacher and blog post commenter extraordinaire, we took part in a drawing on his blog called Extended Comments for Students.

Our comment was the second one here on his post about bilbies. Lucky number 2 was drawn, matching our comment in the second position, so we won this packet of surprises from Australia. We will be excited to learn all about these interesting animals next school term. You can see the items we will get for our classroom in the picture below.

Used with permission from Ross Mannell

Image used with permission from Ross Mannell

Thank you so much to our friend Mr. Mannell!

December 3, 2014
by Denise Krebs

Bee Bim Bop Update

I’m still going to make a video of our Bee-Bim Bop experience, but I wanted to share the kindergarteners pictures and stories about Bee-Bim Bop. More later.

We made bee-bim bop Bahrain style with potatoes, corn, sausages, chicken, carrots, green olives, tuna, green peppers (aka capsicum), yogurt, and more.

Thanks to all our friends who shared videos of authentic bibimbop. Check out the links in the comment section on our first post.

KG2A Bee Bim Bop

KG2B Bee Bim Bop

November 12, 2014
by Denise Krebs

Bee Bim Bop

Here's a page from the book

This week we are reading Linda Sue Park’s book called Bee-Bim Bop. The name comes from a Korean dish. We want to make it in KG2. Our version will be made with steamed rice in a bowl and toppings added like fried or scrambled eggs, meat, stir fried veggies like green onions, garlic, bean sprouts, carrots, or whatever. It is seasoned with soy sauce or other seasoning.

Next week in English class we will mix-mix like crazy and eat it. (Parents, more information coming home tomorrow in diaries and in an email.)

We hope to connect with some students in Korea, so we can see if some of them really eat bee-bim bop. Any takers?

And maybe we can even connect with Ms. Linda?

October 27, 2014
by Denise Krebs

International Dot Day

International Dot Day was on September 15.

Of course, we read The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. Some students painted, others made sticker dot art, and others chose to make art on the interactive white board.





Here are some of our whiteboard creations.

It was a lovely day to make a mark and see where it took us, a day to celebrate creativity.

April 26, 2013
by Denise Krebs
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Global Learners

Thanks to all those who answered our three geography surveys about “What do you call it?” The surveys have been taken over 250 times. A special thanks to our friends in the student blogging challenge who took the surveys for us. We will report back our learnings as soon as we figure out how to!



February 26, 2013
by Denise Krebs

Mystery Skype to B.C.

We had a fun Mystery Skype session last week. It was the first time we kept guessing until we got to the city. It took a while for our friends in Canada to find our small town! In fact, we Skyped right through our lunch break. (We did get our food and made it a working lunch!)

Here are the reports from the students.








January 25, 2013
by Denise Krebs

We Are Connecting and Learning Outside of Our Classroom

My geography students are busy researching about a Canadian province or territory. They’ve used Brittanica Online, books from the library, Provincial web pages, and now we are using Twitter.

Yesterday we tweeted asking other classes or teachers in Canada to Skype with us. Author Joanne Levy retweeted our message.

Sierra, realizing that she is from Ontario, the province she is studying, asked Joanne a question.

Joanne sent a resource to Sierra.

MaKenna, studying Nunuvut, asked @NunavutWatch about transportation and received a comprehensive, albeit 140-character, reply. We all learned about a new boat, an umiak.

Thank you to Joanne Levy, Anne-Marie Middleton (who asked if I was writing a blog post) and our other northern neighbors for helping us learn about Canada.

Would anyone like to Skype?

November 10, 2012
by Denise Krebs
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We Used the Bugscope Again

Seventh graders used the Bugscope, an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope housed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We were able to use our laptop computers to control the microscope and chat with the scientists about what we were seeing.

One of the questions a student asked was, what is nanoscale? I should have shown this TED-Ed video called What is Nano? before we used the Bugscope, but we did watch it later. You can watch it here:

We were all intrigued by just how far we could zoom in on the insect parts. We were going deep into nanoscale.

You can view the archive of our session. Scroll down to 10:14 a.m. in the archive and you can actually see what we saw.

Here are the students’ blog posts about their Bugscope experience…






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