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April 22, 2019
by 26b15mohd


Black is the smell of nice luxury car leather seat and the smell of ash after a fire.

Black is the sight of dark tonight and a room with no light at night.

Black is the taste of dark chocolate and Pepsi.

Black is the sound of wolf at night and sad music.

Black is the touch of my hair, my car, and my suit.

The age of Black is very old as the age of planet earth.

Black moves like the way people deal with their life.

color poem

April 18, 2019 by 26a04ayah | 1 Comment



💙What is BLUE?💙See the source image

❤️️A color poem by Ayah😵

🧡Blue is the peace color🐳

💛Blue is the smell of calm ocean🌊 

💚It helps me till I have to motion✨

💙Blue is the sight of the big sky⛈  

💗That you can see it really high🌫

💜Blue is the taste of fresh water from the ocean💧

And it gives me less emotions 🙍🏽🚫

Blue is the sound of calm ocean waves🌊

Blue is the touch of Cumulus clouds☁️

The age of blue is a sweet 60 years old👵

That loves the cold❄️

Blue moves like really slow clouds🐢

Blue is the silent ocean🤐

the sea is not a monster👹

💙it loves you and it doesn’t bother💙


April 17, 2019
by 26b05aser

color poem By Aser

What is Blue?

Blue is the color of life.

Blue is the smell of  nature.

Blue is the sight of fun in an airplane we see the sky.

Blue is the sound of peace.

Blue is the touch of a blue sky.

The age of blue is a young boy that plays football.

Blue moves like a young boy that plays catch and runs as fast as a cheetah.

Blue is a Barcelona T shirt.

April 17, 2019
by 26b13mariam
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color poem by Mariam Hameed

What is Pink?

A  color poem by Mariam Hameed


Pink is dream clouds

Pink is the smell of peach, dragon fruit

Pink is the sight of cotton candy trees

Pink is the taste of cotton candy with plenty of sugar

Pink is the sound of quiet relaxing time

Pink is the touch of clear smooth

The age of Pink is 3 years old

Pink moves like cute bunny slippers

Pink is my favorite


April 17, 2019
by 26b20nasser


What is white?

By Nasser AR

White is the peat, white chocolate and test paper

White is the smell of paper on a printer

White is the sight of peat and white chocolate

White is the taste of white chocolate

White is the sound of air and teeth crashing

White is the touch of teeth

The age of white is an old man

White moves like waves

White is the best color

April 3, 2019
by 26a10hasan
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What is Yellow?

Color poem

A color poem by Hasan Alsalam A10

What Is Yellow?

Yellow is the moon and the stars in the sky.

Yellow is the smell of flowers in a tree.

Yellow is the sight of happiness and smiles.

Yellow is the taste of sourness in your mouth.

Yellow is the touch of Lego streets.

The age of yellow is the age of sun.

Yellow moves like a mouse with a beast.

Yellow is the best banana in a tree.    


April 3, 2019
by 26a18mohd

My Color Poem

What is Yellow?

A Color poem by: Mohammed Jassim


Yellow is to be ready and the color of a small lemon on the tree

Yellow is the smell of a yellow big lemon

Yellow is the sight of banana street

Yellow is the taste of a big banana and a lemon

Yellow is the sound of sleeping on the beach

Yellow is the touch of a Lego home

Yellow is like my age, 10

Yellow moves like a sleepy horse

Yellow is my favorite sleep color

May 3, 2017
by Denise Krebs

Let’s Write Haiku

Today we’ll write some haiku poems.

For this form of poetry the rule is syllable counting.

It’s a three-line poem. The syllable count is 5, 7, 5.

Like this:

Poetry writing
In today’s computer lab
What treasures we’ll find!


Read Write Think Haiku Poetry Helper
Click here to try out the Read Write Think interactive to write and learn more about haiku poetry. I tried it out, and you can learn a lot more about haiku. They will even help you write one with some added features. Here is what I did when I clicked the link above.

You get a work space to brainstorm and practice before publishing.

You can choose one of the Japanese images that they provide. Or…

You can even add your own image. This is a picture I took from the Bahrain Bay.

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