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March 29, 2017
by sharifa24a24

Diamante poem


active       athletics

tumbling      splitting    handstanding

Gymnastics            is              my                life.

sleeping                   dying         tiring

  grumpy              ugly


March 28, 2017
by salmaa22

Diamante Poem


awesome, cool

experimenting, learning, writing

A place to live.

watching, playing, working

fun, noisy


  As you read this example above about my diamante poem you usually need to understand it.

  A diamante poem is called like that because when it is written it should take the shape of a diamond. Remember it should be the shape of a diamond in math but not in science as a mineral. I know mine does not really look as a diamond above but I tried my best to fix it on a lap top. If you want to do your own diamante poem you should follow the following instructions.

    STEP 1 (Write a topic that you like)

    STEP 2 (Write two adjectives about your topic)

    STEP 3 (Write three -ing words about your topic)

    STEP 4 (Write a 4-words sentence or a phrase that will fit in your both topics)

    STEP 5 (Write three -ing words about the next topic)

    STEP 6 (Write two adjectives about the next topic)

    STEP 7  (Write your next topic it could be the opposite of your first topic, or something that you remember when you think about your first topic)

    STEP 8 (Don’t forget to proofread)

Hope you learned something new. Well, I am pretty sure that most of the fifth graders in our class know about it, so as the other class. They have also done it in class, or in home as a homework. But I just wanted to write something. Enjoy.

Keep Calm


Write your

Diamante Poem Now

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