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Hello, welcome to our class blog. Please leave a comment here to introduce yourself. You might want to answer one or more of these questions.

  1. Where are you from?
  2. What is your favorite thing to make?
  3. What do you love to learn about?
  4. What is the URL to your blog?

Building with Straws


  1. Hello my name is Jenna and I’m from Scotland. My favourite thing to make is chocolate cookies! I love to learn about animals and how they are rescued. The URL to my blog is:

  2. Jenna,
    Thank you so much for visiting our blog and leaving this comment! You left the first comment on our visitor page, and you answered all our questions! We thank you for it! Now, we’ll go visit your blog!

  3. Your blog is really good, thank you so much for taking a look at mine! I’m glad you liked our video


  4. Hi to Mrs. Krebs and her students. I am from Flagstaff, Arizona in the US. My favorite thing to make is web sites. You can find mine at I love learning about everything, but I especially love learning from students in elementary, middle, and high school. I have been a teacher for over 47 years, and I taught your teacher, Mrs. Krebs, a class at Arizona State University way back in 2002! She has applied everything I taught her and MUCH, MUCH more! Congratulations, Denise! You make me proud!

    • Dr. Christie,
      What a joy to hear from you here on my student blog! I was delighted to see that you remembered that I was your student. I had so much fun in that intensive summer technology class. WOW! It was my first time using a Mac. I was so lost! I remember I could never remember how to use the trash. (Soon after that I changed teaching jobs and spent 7 years with what had become beloved Macs!) I loved creating a web page with ClarisWorks, and putting so many important and fun things on it. I learned so much, and I was empowered through your high expectations, enthusiasm, love for learning, meaningful challenges, and, of course, help when I needed it. I have learned to keep on learning–certainly something necessary to do when you are talking about technology in education!

      Thanks so much for stopping by,

    I am from the very northern part of Maine- Fort Kent. I enjoy running with my Golden Retriever, Oakley. I found your blog listed as one to see through Edublogs. I enjoyed the organization of your blog and how much interaction you have with each post.

    • Kara,
      Thanks so much for visiting our Visitor’s Page. I will show my Kindergarteners on a map where you are from.

      Best wishes for you as you start your blog with 8th graders. It should be a great time for all.


  6. I’m from upstate New York, and I love how you set up your blog, especially the Worddle using kids’ names. And this visitor page is a great idea, too. I’m setting up a class blog for my 9th graders at Tech Valley High School, and I’m borrowing some of your ideas. Thanks!
    -Sean O’Brien

    • Welcome, Mr. O, we’re so glad you could learn from our class blog. Have a great new school year. I’ll look forward to seeing what your freshmen do with the new blog.


  7. Hello Class,

    My name is Marjorie Bazluki and I live just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. I am a technology trainer/integration specialist for the Cobb County School District.
    I am getting ready to show all the cool things teachers and students can do with EduBlogs and your Blog is so fantastic that I am going to use it as a great example.

    To answer your questions from above –
    1. I am originally from Charlotte, North Carolina.
    2. I love making quilts.
    3. I love to learn about classes like yours from around the world.
    4. I don’t have a blog at this point. Well, I have one but it is used for training so it isn’t as well done as this one.

    Keep up the great work!


    • Well, thank you, Marjorie, for the lovely vote of confidence. We are happy to be featured as a great example! Blogging is changing for me now, as I have moved to the Middle East, and I teach kindergarteners. We are finding our way, and sharing our genius when we get a chance. Thanks again for visiting.

  8. Kinder can do all sorts of wonderful things! If there is anything I can do to help, don’t hesitate to ask. We are all in this together 🙂


  9. That juice bottle love seat is very cool. Great use of resources.


  10. Hi my name is Liv and I live in Australia, I like making artworks and I like learning about Art as well. I’m sorry but I don’t have a blog for you to see.

  11. I teach Kindergarten in Greenville, South Carolina and would love to have my class connect with your class in the fall of 2015! Please let me know if you would be interested.
    Thank you!!

  12. Hi, Ms. Krebs Class!

    I am so excited to read your blog page . I am Rhonda Johnson. I have taught twenty-one years. This is my second year in my 5th Grade Quest class at Rugel Elementary in Mesquite, Texas. This is my first year doing Genius Hour with my students, so I am learning so much through trial and error. I am a big fan and I follow Ms. Krebs on Twitter, but I must follow her class as well. I need to make a class Twiter account. I am will continue to learn from your class. We do a lot of the same things, so I must be on the right track. We are getting ready to present. I was wanting to give them tips and ideas for all their different ideas. We do KidBlog instead of Edublog. . . interesting. A lot of my students are doing Weebly websites. We would love to share and set up a learning community with you. Here is a URL from a couple of my classes. I will give you a join code. We hope to hear from you. yyimzxq-JOIN CODE STUDENTS
    I have a different class everyday.

    I love learning about how to improve my teaching, so that I may continue to inspire and motivate them to be self-directed learners…LIFE LONG LEARNERS. I love learning about my country, the world, science, animals, history, art and music. I love the love of reading. I love my environment and everything that I can do to help make a difference.

    I am looking forward to learning from you. I look forward to future learning!

    Thank you for teaching and inspiring me!
    (My website in process, but we could Google Hangout some time.:)

  13. Hello Ms. Kreb’s Class!

    Hopefully this comment finds your class well and still blogging! We are searching for blogging buddies. We are a 5th grade class in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Let us know if you are interested!

    • Wow, that sounds like a great opportunity. However, we are quite a ways from being blogging ready this year. We just started virtual lessons and we only do two a week. So for now, we’ll have to say no. Thank you for the invitation, though.

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