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March 31, 2017
by Denise Krebs

Slice of Life, Day #31

I posted a lot of Grade 5 slices of life today! Congratulations to my young writers!

Thank you to all those who have visited and read our posts. Comments are always welcome!

About Sports

Sara, Salma, Ali Mo, Mariam M., Zainab K., Fatima Hassan, Salman, Abdulla, Mohammed H.

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Book Report

Zahraa, Muhammad

March 30, 2017
by saraha2024a23
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How to Write a Book Poem

How to Write a Book poem by MsKIA (Ms. Know-It-All)

When you want to write a book

Think of something good

Here is an example

Mr. Bump and the Marble

Be sure to have a piece of paper

When you think your ideas can’t be greater

Grab a pencil and start writing

Your story that will be satisfying

And when you’re done

take a look at the paper

and make sure all of the errors are gone

Design a cover for your book

It must have a good look

Write the story that you edited

Then take another look at it

And another and another

Till you become happy with it !!!



March 28, 2017
by salmaa22

I am a girl

“I am a girl” is a really important sentence for me. I love to be a girl because like that I am cute, strong, confident, awesome, cool, clever, creative, genius, important, beautiful, imaginative, athletic, brave, and more.

I turned the word can’t to can and my dreams into plans. The word impossible will never be in my dictionary. I believe in everything even in magic.

If a girl was compared with a boy there will be a really big difference between them. The girl will be more beautiful, smarter, cuter. Because a girl rocks.

I am a girl, and I am me. And I am not going to change for anyone.


March 28, 2017
by salmaa22

Just For the Project

A couple of weeks ago, me and my math project partner and best friend, Sarah went to City Centre just to complete our math project. We did it in the food court in the family section that is near the large, big windows. We also had fun and we brought Ice cream and Doughnuts as deserts.

We started it at 9 and 30 minutes and the final draft was finished at 12 and 30 minutes. Me and Sarah’s family were all there on another table except both the dads for one reason that I don’t know and I do not wish to know.

We brought all the materials that we needed. We wish we could do it again because it was really fun, even though we did a project.

At first we decided to go to a library. Second, we decided to go to a cafe in one single building. Finally, my mom suggested to go to the food court in City Centre, so the place will be bigger and if we want to eat something we could buy something, and as I said we brought Ice cream and Doughnuts.

We did all of that not just to get marks, or even not to have fun together, but we did it just for the project.

March 5, 2017
by Hamoodi4Muhammad


Jobs vary in Planet Earth. Some jobs like farming or baking, helps the community to get food. Other jobs like flying a plane, on the other hand, help people to get to countries around the world.

Any job you want, from farming to building skyscrapers, need lots of training to get it right. For example, you don’t want to build a building that is swaying a lot, do you!

Like sports, Practice Makes Perfect!

I searched this pic in Pixabay and edited it on befunky. This pic is about farming




March 2, 2017
by Denise Krebs

Enthusiastic New Slice of Lifers #sol17 Day 2

My students were excited to join the challenge! There are 50 students in grade 5. We will attempt to write as many days as we can. Some will be blogging from home. Some will submit photos of their writing.

We are learning how to do this as we go along the way. Happy slice writing to all of you!

Here are some of today’s writings:

From Sara

Makeup – It’s my best talent which is the best, amazing. Makeup. I am a really good makeup artist, and it’s my hobby and talent and its my best thing ever and today I will put for myself, my mom, my cousin, my half of the family. I really love makeup. I will show or publish it to see my work. It’s the best thing. I have five boxes of makeup, which is insane. Thanks for reading.

From Naeema

Mom – Who hates his/her Mom? Your mom is the important thing in your life. Your mom is your hero. Your mom is the special thing in your life. She is my hero. My life is special because of my mom. That is why she is a slice of my life. My mom is a super hero because she bring me and my brothers and sisters. We are five brothers and sisters. My mom has a big, big, big heart. She is kind, nice, and smart. She is my mom, friend, life, cousin, sister and family. That’s my Super Mom!

From Zainab K.

Health – My health is good to me. If I eat many vergetables I will be vegetarian girl. I love to eat apples–every kind of colors, like

  1. red
  2. yellow
  3. green

My best one is green because it is too sour. And the next fruit or vegetable are bananas. Some of the bananas are good and some no. I love to eat banana with Nutella and seven strawberry. I love my fruits. This is my health.

From Zainab J.

Grandma – I’m writing my slice of life about my grandma because she died, and I don’t forget her. I remember the stories that happened with her and me. She is my love.

From Rayyan

Morning Routine – I wake up, go to the toilet, and then I brush my teeth. Then I wear my clothes and then I eat breakfast.Then I go to the computer and watch YOUTUBE. Then I go to school and I be very exited to play with my BFF Salman.

From Salman

Morning Routine I wake up and wear my clothes. I don’t eat the breakfast. I lay down on the bed and I check Clash Royale. My mom call me, the bus came. I talk with my friend Ali Yousif in the bus. I be exited to ply with my BFF, my best friend forever, Rayyan in the school.

From Ali Y. 

Some slices of my life – Fighting with my brother, eating, playing, studying, sleeping, watching football (Barcelona), math, TV, play Playstation 4, Fifa and games.

From Ali M. 

Things I Like – My life is nice because I am active, and I like food. The foods I like are eggs, pizza, fish, and chicken. I like PlayStation and TV and phone. I like Ramli Mall and water parks and Wahooo and garden and playground.

From Salma 

Friends – I will talk about my friends. My BFFs in my school are Fatima, Fatima, Kawther, Mariam, Sarah and Hawra. I love them so much. They will be my friends forever.

From Zain

My First Day of School – I was at very many schools, so that means that I had very many first days of school. But I will be talking about one, which is Al Salam School. My first day at Al Salam School was weird. I came from Qatar, so I had to go in January. It was fun and, of course, like any school, I went to there was always drama. If, of course, included me, which I try to get out of, but 90% of the time, I fail. But that will always be a part of my life, no matter what. I hope no more of that happens in the future or there will be a cycle in my life and one of the stages will be drama.

From Lara

Art – I woke up. I was so excited to go to school. Why? Because I had art and we did a really fun project. What did I do? I had an excellent idea. It was to make a killer clown out of cardboard and give it some color. I will finish it next week.

From Jood 

My Mom – My slice of life today is so nice. My mom is the best thing ever. I love her so much. She is my life. She knows all my likes. When I am sick we go outside with each other. We have so much fun, I don’t feel that I am sick. We buy a lot of things and then we go to Snap Chat and we put on the filters. They are so cute and lovely. I love my mother. She is the best mom ever. Wish her all the best. She is an artist. She loves to draw. Her name is Amal. She loves everybody.

From Durra

I am the person that loves to imagine the sky. The sky is like a galaxy and I can sit there and have fun, eat, drink sleep, and live there. Imagination is my word for 2017, and I like to imagine.

From Mohammed

Art – I like to draw. When I think of something in my imagination, I try to draw it. It is fun to do this drawing. This is a piece of my life.

From Abdulla

Summer Camp – Do you like summer camp? I will go to camp. It is Camp Kekwaka. It is so much fun. There is football, basketball, water volleyball, skating, bowling and hockey. The camp is in Bahrain. It is in Manama.

Here are some more writings that we took pictures of.


Fatima 1/3

Fatima 2/3

Fatima 3/3







I forget. Whose is this??

Ali Mohd

What if you could do anything and there would be no danger to you?

Some of the students answered this question today.



From Amir

If I got one whole day to be indestructible, I will pick a 100 BD to waste on things I want. I will go to a waterfall and jump from the top. Not one time, but four times. I will not go alone. I will not forget my friend, and maybe I will be the first that jumps.


From Fatima

First, I will go to a mountain. I will throw myself off. I will be scared, but I will be happy. Then I will go to the ocean. If there is something sharp, I will not worry. Nothing will hurt me from the sharps. I will go to skydiving for the second time in the airplane.

Thank you for joining us on the Slice of Life journey!
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