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MaKey MaKey Creations

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MaKey MaKey Project

One day I had this idea of “goosebumps” ;little bumps which you touch. They were connected to markers wrapped in tinfoil (the goosebumps were made out of  tinfoil as well). Why this is different from just having tinfoil is because there is a specific place which you touch, so you won’t touch the tinfoil.

These were my plans:

I tried this and it actually worked!

Next time I would like to make a MaKey MaKey  project that has very little tinfoil.

Here is a picture of a “goosebump” :

Here is how it works:

Over & Out,

Jerome W.

One Comment

  1. Jerome, what a fun post. I love the photos that help us see more about what you did. You really went through the design process, too, like an inventor. You had an idea. You made a plan and considered possibilities. Then you built it. Good for you! Keep up the great work, my friend!

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