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It’s #Blog121212 Day

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Some of our students wrote a blog post for an international blogging challenge, #Blog121212, started by fourth grade teacher, Paula Naugle.

Here are our 12 things blog posts:

Madison – Music

Mason – 12 Things I Like to Do

John – 12 Things on 12-12-12

David – Favorite Things

Jordan – Favorite Sports

MaKenna – 12 Things I Like to Do

Kennedy – 12 Sports I Watch or Play

Sierra – Favorite Books

Kaylee – 12 Things I Love About Christmas

Dustin – Favorite Sports Teams

Jade – Favorite Christmas Foods

Cooper – Favorite Sports Teams

Atze – 12 Favorite Video Games

Lauren – Favorite Teacher(s)

Anna – 12 Thanks about Friends

Anna Pearl – Lists of Twelve

Mrs. Krebs – Twelve Reasons I Love My Students

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