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April 17, 2019
by 26a20wissam

cat poem

cats cats

are they fat

fat fat

are cats fat

I saw a fat cat on a mat

trying to catch a rat

rat rat

why are they scaredย of cats

is it the whiskers

or the nail

how about the color

or an errorย in the brain

is a rat a friendย of a cat

cat cat

bye byeย 

bye bye

bye bye

my dear cat

and the rat

April 3, 2019
by 26a20wissam

color poem

What is black?

A color poem by Wissam


Black is the killer color of all

Black is the smell of blood

Black is the sight of evil

Black is the taste of poisonous food

Black is the sound of silent death

Black is the taste of hurting pain

The age of black is unlimited

Black moves like the flash

Black is the king of all the colors



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