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Constructing, creating, communicating, collaborating, and thinking critically in grade 5.

April 23, 2019
by 26a14jana

fav part of novel

After reaching the hotel, a random guy came and said,  “Umm, are you Grace, Princess Lea’s friend?”

“Yup, that’s me what do you want, random guy?

“Dammit, girl, don’t be sassy, and I’m your translator. Don’t you dare give me that attitude,” said Random Guy.

Grace said, “OK, fine. So help me read these things that I don’t even know how to read them. It’s so damn hard.”

“Grace don’t be rude to Axel. I know you’re the bad girl at our school but that doesn’t mean you have to treat him so bad,”said Lea.

Grace said, “Seriously,  Lea, why do you have to ruin all the fun? Plus I was only teasing him.”

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