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March 28, 2017
by salmaa22

Just For the Project

A couple of weeks ago, me and my math project partner and best friend, Sarah went to City Centre just to complete our math project. We did it in the food court in the family section that is near the large, big windows. We also had fun and we brought Ice cream and Doughnuts as deserts.

We started it at 9 and 30 minutes and the final draft was finished at 12 and 30 minutes. Me and Sarah’s family were all there on another table except both the dads for one reason that I don’t know and I do not wish to know.

We brought all the materials that we needed. We wish we could do it again because it was really fun, even though we did a project.

At first we decided to go to a library. Second, we decided to go to a cafe in one single building. Finally, my mom suggested to go to the food court in City Centre, so the place will be bigger and if we want to eat something we could buy something, and as I said we brought Ice cream and Doughnuts.

We did all of that not just to get marks, or even not to have fun together, but we did it just for the project.

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