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April 4, 2017
by salmaa22

Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • His birthdate is 15\1\1929.
  • He is not a king, but it’s just his name.
  • Every fifteenth of January is his day.
  • Assassinated on April 4, 1968.
  • He skipped two grades from 9th to 11th grade.
  • He was married in 1953.
  • They celebrate his day everyday in the White House.
  • He had a dream speech in 1963.
  • Non-violence.
  • He started collage when he was fifteen.
  • He was black so he wanted that the black and white people will have the same rights, because that time they were not having the same rights.
  • He went to jail because he broke the law that he thought it wasn’t fair.
  • The killer of Martin is James Earl Ray.
  • He wanted peace in the world.
  • Civil Right Act was in 1964.
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