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March 27, 2011
by Denise Krebs

Week 4 Blog Work

My 30: Simplify

This week’s blogging challenge is about curating or organizing our online information. I thought this picture was funny because it shows how disorganized we can be with hardware. Our digital world can be disorganized too. Today we will take some steps to be more organized in your blogging world.

Congratulations to Matthew, Ashley, Brittany, Melissa, Allison, and Crystal for being featured on the “Visit These” page.

Including the ones above, here are some other bloggers who are doing some great things: Jaci, Morgan, Krayton, Molly, Leah, Abby.

Work for Everyone

  1. Most importantly, add links to your posts back to the blogging challenge pages for Weeks 1 through 3. Check here for instructions on how to insert links into a post, or ask a friend.
  2. This week’s Challenge 4 is posted.  Do your best and share your genius! Do some of the following activities:
    1. Create blogroll categories.
    2. Link classmates and far away friends on blogroll. Add the Krebs’ Class Blogs as a link on your blogroll too.
    3. Spring cleaning your Post Categories.
    4. Write a post about tags and categories.
    5. Writing about your community.
    6. Write about another country and add questions you may have.
    7. Add a poll to your blog.
  3. Finally, catch up on any past weeks or add any other interesting blog posts.  Here is Teegan’s blog. She is really contributing by writing interesting posts on many different topics. Like Teegan, I hope you will continue to write multiple blog posts on any subject. You don’t have to just write about the blogging challenge topics.

Photo by Qfamily shared through CC Attribution 2.0 Generic License.

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