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March 5, 2019
by 26a22yousif

My Novel Favorite Part

                           CHAPTER 1


                                       Bendy’s Revenge


“I always win,” Bendy said. “They get stronger and stronger and they get easier to defeat.”

Glitch came in and said, “One day you will fight a villain, but lose.”

“We will see,” Bendy said. Suddenly they heard a crash on their roof! Bendy ran up to his roof and he saw a big crack. Bendy looked down the crack and jumped in. Then he saw a villain known as the destroyer!


Bendy picked up a rock and threw it on the destroyer. But the destroyer didn’t feel anything. Then the destroyer picked up his staff and spin it on the floor. Suddenly a portal came up and then alien guards jump out of the portal and try to shoot Bendy but they keep missing and missing. Bendy wore his suit. It was bulletproof and fireproof and can fly! Bendy flew as far away as he can.

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