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May 29, 2019
by 26a12isa

my seashell

My Seashell

My sea shell is strong like a rock and it’s smooth. The color of my seashell is brownish. The small seashell has a small opening. Its pointy like a tower or pencil and it has dots like a dog that has. My seashell is too small and it’s like a cow and it tastes like mint. I love seashells when they are in the sea. My seashell is like chocolate. Yum!

Done by Isa Nooh.

April 26, 2019
by 26a12isa

color poem

color poem

by Isa Nooh

blue is the sky up hi.

blue is the smell of wind and fresh air.

blue is the sight of a kite

blue is the taste of water in the river

blue is the sound of the sea moving fast

blue is the touch of a blue nickel with a fresh blueberry

age of blue is thousands of years and the sea is the example

blue moves like the hi waves

blue is the best in the east and west

April 17, 2019
by 26a12isa
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FORTNITE is the best game to play with your friends

my clan is with Hamad and Ali ALORAIBI

I started playing FORTNITE from Season 5 until now, Season 8

and still, now people play this game

it’s a perfect game to play

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