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March 22, 2020
by Denise Krebs

Pearls of Wisdom

Our Pearls of Wisdom ceremony had to happen virtually this time.  I’m so proud of the hard work you have done over Quarter 2, and in the first few weeks of our Virtual Learning Initiative. In fact,  everyone received the VIRTUAL LEARNING INITIATIVE pearl this quarter. (I just forgot to put it on 5B’s video.)

Below you can scroll through the slide shows, which include the awards for February’s Reading Marathon.

Click on the links for the videos I made for each class.

Pearls for 5A (Click here for 5A’s video)

Pearls for 5B (Click here for 5B’s video)

March 21, 2020
by Denise Krebs

24 March – Zoom Meeting for Kahoot Game

The Kahoot game is over, but you can watch the video to see the answers.

OPTIONAL LIVE MEETING! If you can’t come, later you can watch the video.

Here is the invitation to the Zoom meeting to play Kahoot on Tuesday, 24 March.

Topic: How Well Do You Know Ms. Denise? Kahoot Game

Be early: 10:45 a.m.

Kahoot Game starts: 11:00 a.m.

Click to Join Zoom Meeting

Or type in the URL, if you need to:

March 20, 2020
by Denise Krebs

Free Resources to Use at Home

During this difficult time, many resources are being shared to use for free. I will put some of the best here after reviewing them. Please leave a comment if you find something else excellent. Thank you.


  • Audible Stories – Stories to listen to; the site will be free while schools are out of session.


  • eSebco Library – Username: keepreading   |  Password: sebco  |  Student ID#: 1  |  For Pre K-Adult, where the whole family can read and enjoy free books.


  • PebbleGo – Username: engaged   |   Password: learning

March 18, 2020
by Denise Krebs

22 March 2020 Lesson – How Well Do You Know Mrs. Denise?

Today we will see how well you know Mrs. Denise!

Click here or on the picture to watch the video.

Click to watch video on YouTube.

Here is the worksheet for today. Don’t worry about getting all the answers correct. It’s just for fun. If you complete the paper neatly, you will receive full credit.

The following is OPTIONAL. You do not have to do it!

On Tuesday, we will have a  Zoom meeting and play a live Kahoot game for anyone who can be there. You do not have to be there live, but if you want to learn more about Kahoot, you can watch this video.

The Kahoot game will be played at a Zoom meeting on:

  • Tuesday, 24 March 2020 at 11:00 a.m. sharp. (Come at 10:45 to get ready.)
  • You will need the Kahoot app on a device.
  • You will need to join the Zoom meeting to play.

I will share the video of the game later, so you can watch it.


March 12, 2020
by Denise Krebs

15 March Lesson – Turn Interview Into a Story

Today’s objective is to turn your interviews into stories.
I’ve created a long video to help with today’s lesson. Please watch as much of it as you need to succeed.

Click to see a Ms. Denise’s Sample Story
Click here to see the book in progress

People at School to Interview – Let me know if you want to sign up to interview anyone else.

March 3, 2020
by Denise Krebs

Vocabulary Word Puzzles

Click for the Crossword Puzzle Answer KEY
You can check your own work so do NOT return it to the teacher.

Click to learn words.


Click to play the Quizlet Match Game

Click to play Gravity

Jigsaw Puzzle

Click here to go to a jigsaw puzzle of Mohammed S.’s vocabulary hunt pictures. It works on the Firefox browser, not on Chrome.  Notice you can choose how many pieces your puzzle will have.

You can make your own puzzle at

March 2, 2020
by Denise Krebs

Flipgrid – Something New

Good morning, scholars,
1. Watch the video below.

2. Log in here:  The password is in the email.

3. Watch the MOLLY video and read the assignment on Flipgrid.

4. Choose two from these options:

  • Make a colorful and detailed picture about a new household invention.
  • Write a paragraph about the invention.
  • Make a Flipgrid video telling about the invention you created.
  • Or, do all three for advanced.

Keep learning your vocabulary words you got on Sunday. You should learn meaning and usage this time, not spelling. There will be a quiz next Tuesday, 10 March.

I wrote about the household chore invention I created.


February 27, 2020
by Denise Krebs

Signing Into Tumblebook Library Using Tumble Tracker

Watch the video above or follow the screenshots below to see how to log in to the Tumble Tracker. This is a new feature that may help us both follow reading progress on Tumblebook Library. It’s new, so we have to check it out. Everyone try to login, so we can test the system. Let me know if you have any trouble.

Search for Tumblebook Library or click here: 

It will look like this:

Sign in with username and password:

Username: alraja
Password: reads

Something new…Go to Tumble Tracker.

Go to Tumble Tracker

Choose the Class and Your Student Number

Choose your class and student number:

Choose class and write your class letter and number–no spaces.

When you are logged in, choose “My Assignments”:

Go to My Assignments

Your assignment will be listed. Do the assignments while you are logged in with your number. Then I will give you credit for the reading.

See assignments.

February 27, 2020
by Denise Krebs

Using Brush.Ninja in Class

We tried something new in our English class that meets in the computer lab. I asked the students to experiment with Brush.Ninja, a fun animation app I had discovered. They did. They had lots of success and fun with it. Some people shared their genius hour learning using Brush.Ninja.

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