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March 10, 2017
by Ayman10+

Not everybody knows nature

Nowadays, all people have an electronic device. But these things are blocking things better than them. And the thing that screens are blocking is: Nature.

Everything the nature contains has something amazing. Nature has a song for who listens. I don’t mean that there is really a song and people who are deaf can’t listen. I mean that if somebody doesn’t look and see the wonders of nature, he cannot see what planet earth is like.

Not everybody knows nature. Nature is not only a plain with trees. Sometimes when you are on a mountain and there’s another mountain in front of you and it’s time for sunset, some people just call someone or get their noses on a screen. Nature is more that you think. I don’t mean stop using any screen. What I mean is that don’t let it ruin how you see nature.

March 10, 2017
by ZozyZain

Help To Help?

Hello, as you know, I’m Zain and today is gonna be a short paragraph because I got to go to my grandma’s house. Anyway, here’s the paragraph:

The slice of life is when you take a part of your life and share it, so I’m doing that. I’m talking about things you can improve along with me, and to help try to make your slice of life better than anyone even mine. That’s why I’m including some of grade 5’s blogs.



Mohamed M


Thank You!

March 9, 2017
by ZozyZain
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Be Positive, Part 2

Sometimes at hard times, you will wonder why am I here? But there will always be a reason, and you will always have hard times no matter what. So just try to be positive and make the best out of it, no matter what.

Be Positive Part 2

March 8, 2017
by Denise Krebs

Deep Dream Generator

Since our class has been writing so many posts about dreams and imagination, I thought I would introduce everyone to the Deep Dream Generator. Have you seen it?

You take your own picture and turn it into a dream.

Here is a version of our school in a dream. Have you ever had a dream like this?

Deep Dream at ARS – Click on the image to see another dream of Al Raja School.

March 7, 2017
by Denise Krebs
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Slice of Life Posts #sol17 Day 7

We continue to be involved in the Slice of Life Writing Challenge. I love that so many of the grade 5 students are writing up a storm. Here are a few from today:

Imagine by Zain

3D and 4D Movies by Ayman

Family by Jood

My family is an amazing slice of life! My family is the best. They love me so much. I am so happy with them. We live with each other. My best cousin’s name is Hala Memo and NSNS. We call each other these names because we love each other. We are the best family ever. My family is the best.

My Birthday by S. Mohd

I wish my parents buy to me a new IPhone because my IPhone is broke, but I can use it. The battery is broke and the glass is broke.

March 7, 2017
by ZozyZain
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Hi, I’m Zain in grade 5 and today I will be talking about something you should do every day:

You should always imagine seeing things that you can’t do or will never come true. But you need to take something to symbolize what you’re imagining and if you would like to know about some examples check out Ayman’s blog yesterday.



March 6, 2017
by Denise Krebs
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We Are Writing! And Our Teacher is Getting Behind #sol17 Days 5 & 6

Students are getting blogs and writing so many Slices of Life posts. And Mrs. Denise can not keep up! Here are a few more from yesterday and today.

A Computer Problem by Ayman

Field Trip Tomorrow by Salma and Sarah

Art by Rayyan

My Best Brother by Naeema (5 March)

What I mean by “best brother” is that he is my best brother ever. He does everything for me. He helps me in homework, tests. He does small things, but I remember it. He said that for me. He said that, “Anything you do to someone, small or big, he will remember it for you.” So you also take from his advice, and you think that you can do something to someone, do it. If it’s a good thing do it, you will feel a happy feeling. Trust me. Do your best.

My Nephew by Naeema (6 March)

Today I will talk about my nephew. I love him a lot, but sometimes I have to take care of him. His name is Hussain. He is 3 years old on 21 October. He always wants to play with me. I see him every Saturday. I consider him as my little brother.

Summer Camp by Sara

I will go to summer camp every two years with my best friend. It’s fun. You go shopping and after that we will get to the hotel and continue. Actually, my sister went one time and Naeema also, so you guys can come share with us. It’s really fun and thanks.

Slice of Life by Ali M. 5B

My slice of life is play football and volleyball and swimming and Play Station and basketball and handball. My food is pizza, pasta, rice and chicken.

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