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March 31, 2017
by Denise Krebs

Slice of Life, Day #31

I posted a lot of Grade 5 slices of life today! Congratulations to my young writers!

Thank you to all those who have visited and read our posts. Comments are always welcome!

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Sara, Salma, Ali Mo, Mariam M., Zainab K., Fatima Hassan, Salman, Abdulla, Mohammed H.

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Book Report

Zahraa, Muhammad

March 29, 2017
by ultra gaming

Diamante poem

Clash Royale

amazing                               fun

sending                   building           unlocking

the best                        game                             ever

hacking            cheating           stealing

worst               game


March 28, 2017
by salmaa22


Science is everything for me.

With it there are more things that I could see.

It’s about nature, space, and more.

But I prefer space from all.

It’s awesome, It’s cool.

It’s nice to learn it at school.

It lives forever, and never dead.

Green will be more, but not the red.

How beautiful is the sea.

It continues in calling me.

How do you feel about science now?

Isn’t it awesome to know about it now.

March 28, 2017
by salmaa22

Just For the Project

A couple of weeks ago, me and my math project partner and best friend, Sarah went to City Centre just to complete our math project. We did it in the food court in the family section that is near the large, big windows. We also had fun and we brought Ice cream and Doughnuts as deserts.

We started it at 9 and 30 minutes and the final draft was finished at 12 and 30 minutes. Me and Sarah’s family were all there on another table except both the dads for one reason that I don’t know and I do not wish to know.

We brought all the materials that we needed. We wish we could do it again because it was really fun, even though we did a project.

At first we decided to go to a library. Second, we decided to go to a cafe in one single building. Finally, my mom suggested to go to the food court in City Centre, so the place will be bigger and if we want to eat something we could buy something, and as I said we brought Ice cream and Doughnuts.

We did all of that not just to get marks, or even not to have fun together, but we did it just for the project.

March 28, 2017
by salmaa22

What does Mother Mean….

M oon shining the whole time for me.

O ther women are never like her.

T onight and every night she will take care of me.

H eart of the reason that I am in this world.

E verything she does to me is awesome.

R are to find a mother more beautiful than her.

March 26, 2017
by ZozyZain


I have a dream. Do you have a dream? Well, of course, you do. Everyone has one, and if you say that you don’t then you haven’t got to it because everyone has one. Mine is to be an artist. I love my art subject and teacher. I wish to be like my art teacher someday. What is your dream? Here is a picture of how I hope I will be painting when I’m older:

I hope to get my own blog because this is my 8th blog post.




March 22, 2017
by fatoom

Zara laid eggs!!!!!

My daughter Zara, who is a bird, laid 5 eggs, so I will become a Grandmother. I will name the first one Dior, the second April, the third Burberry, and the fourth Mulberry,and the fifth Rainbow. All of these names have a reason. The first reason I like company names so Dior, Mulberry, and Burberry are perfect. I named one bird April because she will hatch in April.  Last but not least Rainbow was named because her father has rainbow colors.

So that is my name suggestions. What is  yours? Write in the comments.

PS: I can’t wait to be a grandmother !!!!!!!!!

March 21, 2017
by ZozyZain

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone. I love my mother so much, and I can’t wait to give her my Mother’s Day gift. I will go to the mall with my mom and sisters to celebrate this special day.

Comment down below telling me what was your Mother’s Day gift to your mom or what Mother’s Day gift you got from your kids.

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March 17, 2017
by TEZgaming
1 Comment

Video Games

Video Games are AMAZING!!! Everyone plays them.

From Mario to Donkey Kong to all games.

Nintendo, PlayStation, they’re all Video Game Companies

Mario is your everyday plumber, but when princess Peach is kidnapped, he will risk his life and save her from Lord Bowser.

And Donkey Kong is an Anti Villian / Anti Hero. He plays Evil Donkey Kong where he Kidnaps Princess Pauline.

But in Donkey Kong Island, he is About to Save Pauline.

If You Didn’t play Video Games Ever You should Try Them. I believe In you and I encourage you.



March 15, 2017
by b21sara24
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Goals – Today I was thinking that when I’m grown up, will I reach my goal?! Actually I will be a makeup artist because I know how to put makeup on. I’m just 10 years old. If you want to reach your goal, you have to PRACTICE–this is my word for 2017. You  just have to practice in the things which you like, so keep going.


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