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April 3, 2019
by 26b24yara

color poem by yara

purple is a galaxy in the universe

purple is the smell of the flowers

purple is the sight of the magical clouds

purple is the taste of the sweet desert

purple is the sound of the sweet magical magic sprinkles

purple is the touch of a magical soft purple cream

the age of purple is a teenager

purple moves like a wave in the beach

purple is the most beautiful color in the world

April 3, 2019
by 26b14mariam

What is Black? A Color Poem by Mariam

What is Black?


A color poem by Mariam Hu.


Black is space with planets and spaceships

Black is the smell of a fresh mangosteen fruit

Black  is the sight of the beautiful stars,

and blueberries in the raspberry bars

Black is the taste of a haunted house with bats and

ghosts of three… Black is Evil. Black Kills.

Black is the sound of a spooky toy I just found

Black is the touch of the dark black coal which comes from  under a hole

The age of Black is like an old man that just died one year ago

Black moves like a rough speedy vampire mother

Black is a beautiful color 🖤


April 12, 2018
by Denise Krebs

Poetry Unit

April is poetry month. We are writing poems that touch our own and others’ hearts. Grade 5 is filled with poets.

One of the things we will do is recite a poem (or part of a poem from memory)–at least 6 lines to meet the standard. Here are the poems that some of the students have chosen. If they didn’t write a copy, you can print it from the Google Drive folder.

Be sure to check out the Poet Tree next Thursday at Student Led Conferences.

The Poetry Mini Project rubric is here:


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