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April 26, 2019
by 26b16mohd

What is black?

Black is never ending

black is the smell of fear and darkness

black is the sight of a void

black is the taste of never ending darkness

black is the sound of the things in your head and the hallways inside your nightmares

black is the touch of a computer mouse no probably a real mouse

the age of black is as old as the universe

black moves like a ninja behind you and trying to kill you

and black is scary as hell

April 18, 2019
by 26b03ali

What is red!!! Color poem By B3 Ali

Red is love

Red is the smell of blood falling from someone into Heaven

Red is the sight of a room full of apples and the number seven

Red is the taste of apples and apples that are so cool

Red is the sound of someone that may be a fool

Red is the touch of a tree from the season fall

The age of red is maybe too small

Red moves like a ninja that spies

Red is bad, but not all times

color poem

April 18, 2019 by 26a04ayah | 1 Comment



💙What is BLUE?💙See the source image

❤️️A color poem by Ayah😵

🧡Blue is the peace color🐳

💛Blue is the smell of calm ocean🌊 

💚It helps me till I have to motion✨

💙Blue is the sight of the big sky⛈  

💗That you can see it really high🌫

💜Blue is the taste of fresh water from the ocean💧

And it gives me less emotions 🙍🏽🚫

Blue is the sound of calm ocean waves🌊

Blue is the touch of Cumulus clouds☁️

The age of blue is a sweet 60 years old👵

That loves the cold❄️

Blue moves like really slow clouds🐢

Blue is the silent ocean🤐

the sea is not a monster👹

💙it loves you and it doesn’t bother💙


April 17, 2019
by 26b12jumana

Purple by Jumana

What is Purple?

A color poem by Jumana D.


Purple is the color of violets

Purple is the smell of a fresh flower

Purple is the sight of a galaxy

Purple is the taste of a sweet mangosteen

Purple is the sound of a wolf howling

The age of Purple is a teenager because most of the

teenagers like Purple                                                            

Purple moves like smooth, smooth as a wave, but not

blue, Purple

Purple is my favorite color


April 17, 2019
by 26b22nooran

color poem by Nooran

What Is Pink

A color poem done by: Nooran Hussain

Pink is a heart and brain

Pink is the smell of cotton candy🍧

Pink is the sight of my flower shirt💐

Pink is the taste of candy, cupcakes, and cream cakes 🍰

Pink is the sound of pop

Pink is the touch of link that comes to your imagination of pictures and things

The age of pink is a young cutie child 👧

Pink moves like the speed of the car 🏎

Pink is an amazing color

April 17, 2019
by 26b25zahraa

color poem by zahraa

What is red?

A color poem by Zahraa Hussain


Red is my favorite color

Red is the smell of a dirty tomato

Red is the sight of big horse eyes

Red is the taste of ketchup on fries

Red is the sound of a donkey in a zoo

Red is the touch of sticky glue

The age of Red is a big grandpa like 800,000,000 million years

Red moves like a baby donkey

Red is the heart

April 17, 2019
by 26a20wissam

cat poem

cats cats

are they fat

fat fat

are cats fat

I saw a fat cat on a mat

trying to catch a rat

rat rat

why are they scared of cats

is it the whiskers

or the nail

how about the color

or an error in the brain

is a rat a friend of a cat

cat cat

bye bye 

bye bye

bye bye

my dear cat

and the rat

April 9, 2019
by 26a07dana
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color poem

What is Gold?

A color poem by Dana Khalifa


Gold is the color of a star.

Gold is the smell of a pencil color.

Gold is the sight of a table.

Gold is the taste of a magic egg.

Gold is the sound of leaking paint.

Gold is the touch of a soft pillow.

The age of gold is a million years old.

Gold moves like water paint.

Gold is the color of jewelry.   

April 3, 2019
by 26b24yara

color poem by yara

purple is a galaxy in the universe

purple is the smell of the flowers

purple is the sight of the magical clouds

purple is the taste of the sweet desert

purple is the sound of the sweet magical magic sprinkles

purple is the touch of a magical soft purple cream

the age of purple is a teenager

purple moves like a wave in the beach

purple is the most beautiful color in the world

April 3, 2019
by 26b14mariam

What is Black? A Color Poem by Mariam

What is Black?


A color poem by Mariam Hu.


Black is space with planets and spaceships

Black is the smell of a fresh mangosteen fruit

Black  is the sight of the beautiful stars,

and blueberries in the raspberry bars

Black is the taste of a haunted house with bats and

ghosts of three… Black is Evil. Black Kills.

Black is the sound of a spooky toy I just found

Black is the touch of the dark black coal which comes from  under a hole

The age of Black is like an old man that just died one year ago

Black moves like a rough speedy vampire mother

Black is a beautiful color 🖤


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