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April 23, 2019
by 26a14jana

fav part of novel

After reaching the hotel, a random guy came and said,  “Umm, are you Grace, Princess Lea’s friend?”

“Yup, that’s me what do you want, random guy?

“Dammit, girl, don’t be sassy, and I’m your translator. Don’t you dare give me that attitude,” said Random Guy.

Grace said, “OK, fine. So help me read these things that I don’t even know how to read them. It’s so damn hard.”

“Grace don’t be rude to Axel. I know you’re the bad girl at our school but that doesn’t mean you have to treat him so bad,”said Lea.

Grace said, “Seriously,  Lea, why do you have to ruin all the fun? Plus I was only teasing him.”

April 17, 2019
by 26a17mohd

A Novel Excerpt by Mohamed B.

The ninja said, “I’m getting ready for the new villain.”
Danger Guy said, “What? There is a new villain? What is his name?”
The ninja said, “His name is Negative Goblin. He throws pumpkin bombs. He flies with a ship, and he has an announcement:
‘Dear Future City, my name is Negative Goblin. I’m here to destroy and threaten the city. If you don’t do what I say, I will destroy and kill everybody in the city and demons will come so watch out. Here comes the goblin haaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Danger Guy said, “Oh, my god! We have to stop him.”
Then suddenly there were noises and creepy sounds. Then Danger Guy and the ninja took a look outside. They saw a giant portal and demons coming out from the portal. Negative Goblin said, “Go, my demons! Help Bane break out of his jail! Haaaaaaaahaaa hhhaaaaaa!”
Danger Guy said, “Wow, there are plenty of demons here.”
Then the ninja said, “I have a plan. You fight the demons. I will go and protect the jail.”

Then Danger Guy started fighting the demons, The ninja arrived at the jail, but Bane already escaped.
Then Bane said, “Surprise! Haaaaa!”
The ninja started fighting and then Negative Goblin came. The ninja said, “Danger Guy, Danger Guy! I need help! The Negative Goblin is at the jail.”
Danger Guy said, “OK, I’m on my way!”
The ninja got punched by the Negative Goblin, and the Negative Goblin said, “Game over, Ninja! You can’t stop me and Bane. Haaaaahhaaaaaa aaahhhhaaaaa!”
Then Danger Guy came and said, “No, it’s game over for you! haaaaaaaaaa!”

Danger Guy said, “First, you’re not my greatest enemy. Second, of course, I’m going after my friend, so see ya.” And he flew down to save his best friend.
Danger Guy said, “I got you and let’s have a rest.”
“How is he my greatest enemy?” Danger Guy asked.
“Maybe he just wants you to be worried,” the ninja said.
“Yeah, but I hope he doesn’t mean it.”
Suddenly Hulk came and said, “Looks like you need a hand.”
“What? You have the hulk on your side?” the ninja said.
“Of course,” Danger Guy said. “Now let’s go beat up Negative Goblin.”

“Ahhhhh, I can finally relax,” said Negative Goblin sitting in his home.
But then Hulk came crashing through the window, with the ninja and Danger Guy. They started beating him up, and the took the Negative Goblin to jail.

The end


April 17, 2019
by 26a02ali

My Novel Excerpt By Ali M.

Nathan is 44 years old. He always likes to smile and help other people. His favorite color is green and black. His friends are Arthur and John. They always like to help people, and they also like robbing. Their favorite color is black and green. Nathan and his friends live in New York. Their favorite movie is The Alex and the Stinky Socks, and when he flies his plane with “bye” written on it that annoys him. It is always impossible and their favorite game is Red Dead Redemption 2 and their favorite serial is South Park.

One day they went to a bank. They wore their masks and took out their guns and start robbing. Then a cop saw them the law was alerted. Nathan and his friends took the money and got out. They started shooting. Then one of the cops shot John, and John died. Then Arthur shot the cop who had shot John. Then Arthur tried to heal John, but he couldn’t so Arthur and Nathan ran away back to their camp. Then Arthur and Nathan went back to bury John. They went back to camp, and two persons came to their camp. Their names were Javier and Lenny. They came to kill Nathan and Arthur. Nathan killed Javier and Bill killed Arthur.

So it became ten years later, and Nathan got revenge for Arthur and John. Nathan weant up a mouthan to find Lenny. So he saw a house so he went there to see if Bill was there. He went inside the house to see if Bill was inside the house. Bill pushed Nathan and then Nathan shot Bill in the head. After he shot Bill, he went inside the house and saw a chest so he opened the chest. He saw a lot of money. He took the money and went back to his house. He went to a city and spent half of the money. Nathan went back to his house and watched TV. Then someone knocked on the door. Nathan opened the door and saw Arthur and John. Nathan said, “Arthur, John, how are you two still alive?” They came inside and John said his story about how he was still alive. He said, “When you buried me, I heard a noise and got out of the grave. I was a zombie. I forgot everything, so I had to sleep to get my memory back. After I woke up my memory came back. I was looking for you, Nathan. Then I came to see if you are in your house, so I just knocked on the door. Then I saw Arthur. Then John. That’s my story of how I am alive.”

And Arthur said, “Now I’m going to tell you my story. When you buried me I came out from the grave. I saw my name on the grave so I shot my grave because I am alive. I went to a bar to see if you’re there. I did not see you there, so it became ten years later. I was still looking for you, so I saw a house to see if it’s your house. I saw John was knocking on the door. I saw him then I said, ‘John you’re alive.’ And then you opened the door, and that’s my story.” Then Nathan told his story how he killed Lenny. Nathan said, “After I buried Arthur. I went to a mountain to see if Bill was there. I saw a house. I went inside the house to see if Bill was there. Bill pushed me and he shot me. Then I shot him in the head. He died.

March 5, 2019
by 26a22yousif

My Novel Favorite Part

                           CHAPTER 1


                                       Bendy’s Revenge


“I always win,” Bendy said. “They get stronger and stronger and they get easier to defeat.”

Glitch came in and said, “One day you will fight a villain, but lose.”

“We will see,” Bendy said. Suddenly they heard a crash on their roof! Bendy ran up to his roof and he saw a big crack. Bendy looked down the crack and jumped in. Then he saw a villain known as the destroyer!


Bendy picked up a rock and threw it on the destroyer. But the destroyer didn’t feel anything. Then the destroyer picked up his staff and spin it on the floor. Suddenly a portal came up and then alien guards jump out of the portal and try to shoot Bendy but they keep missing and missing. Bendy wore his suit. It was bulletproof and fireproof and can fly! Bendy flew as far away as he can.

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