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November 2, 2020
by Jerome W.
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MaKey MaKey Creations

MaKey MaKey Project

One day I had this idea of “goosebumps” ;little bumps which you touch. They were connected to markers wrapped in tinfoil (the goosebumps were made out of  tinfoil as well). Why this is different from just having tinfoil is because there is a specific place which you touch, so you won’t touch the tinfoil.

These were my plans:

I tried this and it actually worked!

Next time I would like to make a MaKey MaKey  project that has very little tinfoil.

Here is a picture of a “goosebump” :

Here is how it works:

Over & Out,

Jerome W.

March 23, 2018
by Denise Krebs

Giant Checker Set

For Group Work, one group made a really big checker set. (Later we’ll add chess set pieces.) I’m so proud of them and their hard work! Thanks to Jack, Shaima, Mariam, Dana, Ahmed, Rashed, Yasmeen, Nathanael, Sarah, Yamen, Sam, and Ali for their creative and productive work making these beautiful checkers out of cardboard cartons.

First we made the checker set out of cardboard.

On Thursday, some of the members of our group were able to stay after school to paint the checkerboard.  Thanks to all those who were able to stay for a short or long time–Jack, Shaima, Mariam, Dana, Ahmed, Rashed, Yasmeen, and Nathanael.

First we cleaned the tiles.

Then we taped and papered the checkerboard pattern.

Then we painted. Each one took a row.

Last painters standing.

After pulling the paper up. Magical!

After the holiday, we’ll be able to play the game during recess and share it with the rest of the children to play.

November 14, 2016
by Denise Krebs

Imagination Chapter

Have you ever wondered of making games and other things out of cardboard? Using the makey makey machine? Make things from other things? Well, go to the Imagination Chapter!! You will have so much fun and you will like it!

I go to the Imagination Chapter every other week. I have so much fun and we meet, build & play, and finally we share what we’ve done. The last time we met I figured out how to plug the Makey Makey Machine and first we played a game in It was a game like super mario which was like collecting money and jumping. We plugged the space bar and the arrow keys and we tested it. We successfully did it!!! Our teacher Mrs. Denise gave us a doughnut which we used it for a space bar. We used our bodies for the arrow keys. After we saw that we’re getting the hang of it, we went to a racing game which was harder than I thought it will be. It took us a while until we got the hang of it. When time was finished, I shared what I did. I was proud of what I did!!!

April 9, 2015
by Denise Krebs

K Cups 4 Classrooms Idea

This is an interesting idea. I’m not sure people use Keurig coffee makers here in Bahrain, but I’ll find out. If your class is concerned with the environment and would like to have a lot of fun with problem solving, math, and making, try the 1000 K-Cup challenge with Mr. Cameron’s class.

K Cups 4 Classrooms from Peter Cameron on Vimeo.

More information here.

October 27, 2014
by Denise Krebs

Do You Like Our Repurposed Juice Bottles?

We saw this recycled bottle love seat made by Unbound scholars in Guatemala. We liked it, and we wanted to make our own, so kindergarteners began saving juice bottles from home.

After we saved about 40 bottles, we were ready to build a kindergarten-sized love seat.

getting started

We taped 20 bottles together for the seat.

arm rests

We rigged up armrests with more juice bottles.

There was some wild and crazy creating going on. It wasn’t easy helping 52 kindergarteners feel ownership in making our new furniture, but we did it. They are very proud of their work and look forward to getting a turn to sit on it.

White Cover

First, we just had a white sheet for a cover.

Almost ready

Here’s a peek under the cover.

That's better

We only had the white sheet for one day. Then someone brought this colorful cover.

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