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June 11, 2015
by Denise Krebs

Moving on to First Grade

It is our last day of school!

It’s always exciting, but a little sad too.

Today, we visited Ms. Dillian and brought our letters to her. We brought her a gift too! Hopefully she will like it. We know her new first graders will! (More pictures later of us making the gift.)

You can see our letters below.

Our Last Day of School in our New English Room

KG2A Letters to First Grade Teacher

KG2B Letters to First Grade Teacher

June 10, 2015
by Denise Krebs

Bilbies Coming to Bahrain

Thanks to Mr. Ross Mannell, retired teacher and blog post commenter extraordinaire, we took part in a drawing on his blog called Extended Comments for Students.

Our comment was the second one here on his post about bilbies. Lucky number 2 was drawn, matching our comment in the second position, so we won this packet of surprises from Australia. We will be excited to learn all about these interesting animals next school term. You can see the items we will get for our classroom in the picture below.

Used with permission from Ross Mannell

Image used with permission from Ross Mannell

Thank you so much to our friend Mr. Mannell!

May 24, 2015
by Denise Krebs

A Chance to Win Orlando or Polly

Thanks to our friend, retired teacher Ross Mannell, you too can have a chance to win one of these cute teddy bears.

He’s doing this in honor of the third anniversary of his great commenting for kids blog.

If you haven’t met Mr. Mannell, you really should! Start with leaving a comment on this post to win a chance to get on of these teddy bears.

Orlando Pirate and Polly Princess

Image used with permission of Mr. Mannell.


May 18, 2015
by Denise Krebs
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New Song

Enjoying Sandwiches While We Sing About Them

One of our weekly songs is “Days of the Week,” sung to the tune of “The Addams Family.”

One class always likes to sing “Sandwich” instead of “Days of the Week.” So, today, we stopped and decided to write a new song, called “Sandwich.”

It goes like this:

Sandwich (clap, clap)
Sandwich (clap, clap)
Sandwich, sandwich, sandwich (clap, clap)

There’s Nutella and there’s chicken.
There’s egg and cheese and mushroom.
There’s jam and peanut butter.
And then there’s hamburgers.

Sandwich (clap, clap)
Sandwich (clap, clap)
Sandwich, sandwich, sandwich (clap, clap)

Listen to our song: Sandwich

You can watch it here.

April 29, 2015
by Denise Krebs

Now Here Are Some Questions for Our Pen Pals

Dear Iowa Pen Pals,

We finished answering all your great questions. Now we have some questions for you.

    1. We go to school Sunday through Thursday. What days do you go to school?
    2. Do you have Sports Day? We had Sports Day last week.
    3. What did you do for Earth Day? We had an assembly and sang a song promising to take care of the earth. We’re going to start recycling at our school and homes.
    4. Where do you eat lunch?

      Some of us eating lunch during recess

    5. Next week we are going to go to Magic Island for a field trip. Do you go to any field trips? Where? What would be your dream field trip?
    6. How do you have birthday parties at your school?
    7. We play outside. Do you play outside? Do you play outside when it snows?
    8. When it snows hard, do you cancel school?
    9. How do you go to your house after school, in a car or a bus or walking or on a scooter or a bike?
    10. How do you play on the playground? What kind of equipment do you have?

March 25, 2015
by Denise Krebs

Answers from Bahrain to Iowa

We have new pen pals from Iowa. They have asked us a lot of questions. We will keep answering these questions over the break.

Parents, if any student wants to help, just pick a question and send the answer to Mrs. Denise, and she will post it here! Thanks!

  • How old are you (students in class)?

We are 5 or 6 years old.

  • How many students are in your class?

We have 26 in each class.

  • May we see a picture of your class?

We’re working on a video for you!

  • Is your classroom the only one?

There are two KG2 classes.

  • Do you students have Classroom Jobs?

Yes, we do. There are table jobs. You bring the basket of colors, pencils, erasers, and books to the table for the students at our table.

We have a new job–the person who writes the date on the whiteboard each day. That person gets to do the job for one week.

We all do the cleaning up job. We take turns doing the Calendar job.

  • Do you do the Calendar each day?

We count the days. We are now on 123. We put a square on the day of the month. We tell what the weather is like.

Our Calendar Time Happens Here

  • What is the weather like? Do you ever get snow to build a snowman?

We will never build a snowman in Bahrain. The low temperature is in the 50s F.

However, did you know you can go snow skiing in Dubai, which is a large city not far from us? You don’t even have to wait until winter. How do you suppose they do that?

  • How do you get to school? By bus?

Some of us come to school by bus, but not yellow school buses. We take large vans like the picture shows. A few of us come with our nannies or a driver. More come with our mom or dad. No one walks to school, except for Mrs. Denise.


15 passenger vans are used for private bus service

15 passenger vans are used for private bus service

transportation summary

  • Do you use Daily 5?

No, we don’t use Daily 5. Most of the day we are in Arabic class. We come to English class for 1-2 hours a day. We practice sounds and writing letters. We sing. We build. We write.

  • Do you have P.E., Art, Music, and/or Library?

Yes, we have all of those. We call P.E. Sports, though. Our teacher is Ms. Fatima. We have art with Ms. Sameera. We have music with Ms. Anna and library with Ms. Andrea.

  • What have you learned (this school year)?

ABCs, numbers, to read, to write sentences. We learned new songs, like “I Think You’re Wonderful” and “These are My Sight Words.” We learned sight words. We learned from each other during show and tell time.

  • What do you like about school?

Some of the things we like are:

  1. reading books
  2. drawing
  3. writing
  4. Arabic and English homework
  5. playing
  6. birthday and other parties
  7. teachers
  8. art
  9. show and tell
  10. 100 Day party
  11. ABCDs
  12. sight words
  13. all my classmates
  14. all the school
  • How many days of school have you had? Have you had your 100th day?

Yes, we had our 100th day of school. We had a party. Here are some pictures from the 100 Day celebration.

29 May – it is Day 140 today.

  • Have you learned about Community Workers?

Yes, we dressed up like community workers. It was also who we wanted to be when we grew up. We were police, teachers, artists, fire fighters, nurses and doctors.

  • How good are you students at listening?

Mrs. Denise said some days we listen better than others!

  • What happens if you are good or naughty?

Sometimes we have a time out, or we go see the supervisor when we are naughty. When we are good we learn a lot and have fun creating and producing!

March 15, 2015
by Denise Krebs

A New Sight Word Book

Using images by Hada Litim at #eltpics, I made this sight word book for our new words: one and two.

It’s always best to practice sight words in a meaningful reading experience. Hopefully, this will be a fun way to practice reading one and two. It will also give practice with English names for some fruits and vegetables. Watch the slide show here or read it below.

One and Two

Link to book here.

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