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February 27, 2020
by Denise Krebs

Using Brush.Ninja in Class

We tried something new in our English class that meets in the computer lab. I asked the students to experiment with Brush.Ninja, a fun animation app I had discovered. They did. They had lots of success and fun with it. Some people shared their genius hour learning using Brush.Ninja.

May 29, 2019
by 26a11hassan

What is Green?

What is Green?

A colour poem by Hassan

Green is an apple in the grass.

Green is the smell of happiness.

Green is the sight of the forest.

Green is the taste of the vegetable.

Green is the sound of tree

Green is the touch of green apple

The age of green is 4 years old

Green moves like a frog

Green is my second favourite colour.  

May 29, 2019
by 26a11hassan

My Seashell

My Seashell

By Hassan Marhoon   

My seashell looks like a snail. It is light brown, dark brown. It sounds and smells like nothing. It is smooth outside, smoother on the inside. It is pointy.  Inside the colour is black and white. It looks like a drill. The colour is black. And inside is black.

May 29, 2019
by 26a12isa

my seashell

My Seashell

My sea shell is strong like a rock and it’s smooth. The color of my seashell is brownish. The small seashell has a small opening. Its pointy like a tower or pencil and it has dots like a dog that has. My seashell is too small and it’s like a cow and it tastes like mint. I love seashells when they are in the sea. My seashell is like chocolate. Yum!

Done by Isa Nooh.

May 2, 2019
by 26b18mohd

Mohammed Hassan Poem

What is Red?
A color poem by Mohammed Hassan

Red is the color of teddy bears.
Red is the smell of apple juice when a farmer drinks it with a goose
Red is the sight of happy Mrs Denise
Red is the taste of sweet apples
Red is the sound of a big red flag moving in the air
Red is the touch of burning fire
The age of red is 5-year-old leaves
Red moves like blood and flags
Red is the best color in the world.

April 27, 2019
by 26a03ali

My Seashell

My Seashell

My seashell is like a skull. Its color is brown, orange, peach, and black. Its sound is like a wind. It does not have a taste. It feels hard LIKE A ROCK. It has a shiny skull. And inside it the color is light brown. And in the middle it has a swirl. It is broken on the edges. It is shaped like a circle. And on the other part of the shell its color is white. In the middle of the other part of the shell it has a dirty thing. I can put my finger inside. It’s hard to break. We can sing on it. It always fall, like a ball.


By: Ali Hassan Aloraibi


                    This is similar to my seashell

April 27, 2019
by 26a22yousif


My one-word poem         

                         My one word is Create.                                             

                                          I love cReating things.

                                             I madE a costume.

                                        I made A house of Legos.

                                           I creaTed dancing toys.

                  But the hardest is bEndy Legos and costumes.


April 26, 2019
by 26a20wissam


a pool poem by


pools pools

they are for cools

fools fools

fools have schools

a rice poem by


rice rice

rice are for

mice mice

how dare eat rice

rice rice

do not say bye


April 26, 2019
by 26a03ali

The Ginger Bread Woman

The Gingerbread Woman

By Ali Aloraibi

This is another version for the Gingerbread man.

Once upon a time there was a little boy that like to bake a cake, One day he thinked to back a Gingerbread woman, Then he gathered the ingredient to back the Gingerbread woman, After a while the Gingerbread woman jumped through the oven and she got out of the house, Then the little boy went to chase her, After the little boy was tired because the Gingerbread woman where to fast, After the Gingerbread woman past the lion and the lion said to the Gingerbread woman:( i’ll eat you you’re so  delicious to me, Then the lion chased the Gingerbread woman, Then the lion where to tired because the Gingerbread woman was so fast: “run run you can’t catch me I’m a Gingerbread woman.”

Then the Gingerbread woman ran past the sheep, Then the sheep said for the Gingerbread woman,  “You’re so delicious. I’ll eat you.”

After the sheep chased the Gingerbread woman, Then the sheep become tired. After the Gingerbread woman was showing off, Then she went to a mountain and if she just walked one step, she will fall because she wanted to go to the other side of the mountain.

Then an eagle came to let her jump on his back, and the Gingerbread woman didn’t trust the eagle. Then the Gingerbread woman thought it will be ok because it will be only like 2 minutes.

Then the Gingerbread woman jumped on his back, and then the eagle flipped the Gingerbread woman in mid air, and he ate the Gingerbread woman. That was the end of the Gingerbread woman.



April 26, 2019
by 26a22yousif

color poem by yousif ahmed

   Colour poem

                                           A colour poem by Yousif Ahmed 5A

                                                           A22 2019


                      What is black?

Black is the colour of ink and oil.

Black is the smell of ink.

Black is the sight of the ink demon.

Black is the taste of nightmares.

Black is the sound of Bendy’s running.

Black is the touch of Bendy’s sharp ears.

Black is the age of Bendy: maybe 2,200,039,511 years old.

Black moves like a scary dancing demon.

Black is the ink beast demon bendy.


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