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April 26, 2019
by 26a08eman

what is purple?

                   What is Purple?

A color poem by Eman

Purple is the color of grapes.

Purple is the smell of lavender.

Purple is the sight of the blue purple-ish dawn.

Purple is the taste of the delicious strawberries in our imagination.

Purple is the sound of the waves in the ocean.

Purple is the touch of a soft pillow.

The age of purple is older than the galaxies.

Purple moves like the clouds in the sky.

Purple is the diseases that happen inside you.

April 26, 2019
by 26a22yousif


Bendy is a demon who has powers that can kill everyone. He can be a giant beast that is bigger than the sun. He has more power than Thanos. He has a gauntlet too. It is more powerful than Thanos. It is a strong power, and this is how he looks like:

April 26, 2019
by 26a12isa

color poem

color poem

by Isa Nooh

blue is the sky up hi.

blue is the smell of wind and fresh air.

blue is the sight of a kite

blue is the taste of water in the river

blue is the sound of the sea moving fast

blue is the touch of a blue nickel with a fresh blueberry

age of blue is thousands of years and the sea is the example

blue moves like the hi waves

blue is the best in the east and west

April 26, 2019
by 26a03ali

AC\DC pickaxe

AC\DC Pickaxe


The AC\DC pickaxe is a rare pickaxe in the season 2 battle pass. It’s so cool that when I was playing Fortnite I can buy the battle pass but I did not buy it, and now I’m so mad. 🙁

April 26, 2019
by 26b09fatima

What is white?

What is White?

White is a nice color we use it for everything

White is the smell of milk and Hershey’s

White is the sight of white paper  

White is a taste of white chocolate and milk   

White is the sound echo in a white sound

White is the touch of smooth skin

The age of white is old color like an old man’s hair

White moves like a fish and sheep

White is my second favorite color..

April 26, 2019
by 26b23sara

color poem by sarah

                                 What is Black?


Black is night, space and light.

Black is the smell of crazy flight.

Black is the taste of a dead heart.

Black is the sound of a scratching door in a scary house.

Black is the touch of a bloody moving hand.

The age of Black is an old man who died.

Black moves like a pilot flag.

Black is the end of our life.


April 26, 2019
by 26b07fatima

What is yellow?


Color poem by Fatima F.


Yellow is the middle traffic light🚦

Yellow is the smell of a lemon squished on a plate🍋

Yellow is the sight of the sun in the sky🌞

Yellow is the taste of ketchup on my fries🍟

Yellow is the sound of nothing on my yellow

Yellow is the touch of fresh banana🍌

The age of Yellow is young like a baby duck 🐣

Yellow moves like a duck🐥

Yellow is my favorite color

April 23, 2019
by 26a22yousif

My Big and Nice Shell By Yousif Ahmed

My Big and Nice Shell

By Yousif Ahmed


My shell is a little sharp. It looks like an ice cream cone with the shape of ice cream on the pointy place. On the inside, it’s shining and on the outside, it looks like a chocolate cone. My shell’s pointy part has three layers of circles. My shell’s colour is brown and a little light with white stripes. My shell is nice and big.   

It looks like this. A crab did live in my shell, but it is now gone.         

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