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March 28, 2017
by salmaa22

A Scientist

When I grow up I would like to be a scientist. Because science is my life. And one of my dreams is to solve questions that nowadays scientists could not solve. And explore more about the space.

I will never stop dreaming. I can’t wait to make my dream come true. Still my dreams are just written. I believe that I am a small scientist right now. Experiments are the main things to do while you are a scientist. but also to be a scientist I need to not be afraid of anything. Too bad I am afraid of insects.

I want to know the feeling when a scientist is chosen for an adventure, or figures out something new, or even invents something that the world really needs in the daily life.

I always move on the line that leads to my dream. And I will follow the other line that leads to my dream to be a scientist.

March 28, 2017
by salmaa22

What fits more?

  Arabic is fun. Arabic is cool. Arabic is what we learn at school.


  English is fun. English is cool. English is what we learn at school.


  Science is fun. Science is cool. Science is what we learn at school.


  Math is fun. Math is cool. Math is what we learn at school.

The last one was my classmate’s invention, but I did the rest. As you read it now, what fits more? Comment below.

March 28, 2017
by salmaa22

Superman is my Dad

Some people have Superman as their best character. Well, I don’t need to, because I live with him the whole day. My dad is Superman. He can fly to the supermarket, travel to the library in 2 seconds. He does all of this and more just to save me from danger.

Don’t laugh because that is my daily life. I could tell you guys what is the use of  all of these things. Many uses and some are–Pencils, pens, markers, scissors, erasers, glue, papers, charts, tape and more resources that anyone could need for school or for crafts.

My mother also needs him. He may bring her vegetables, fruits, cup, plates, extra food to cook, and so on.

So near my other sister also needs him. So as well as my other two brothers will need him next year or the year after that.

My dad is Superman and I am proud.

March 28, 2017
by salmaa22

Diamante Poem


awesome, cool

experimenting, learning, writing

A place to live.

watching, playing, working

fun, noisy


  As you read this example above about my diamante poem you usually need to understand it.

  A diamante poem is called like that because when it is written it should take the shape of a diamond. Remember it should be the shape of a diamond in math but not in science as a mineral. I know mine does not really look as a diamond above but I tried my best to fix it on a lap top. If you want to do your own diamante poem you should follow the following instructions.

    STEP 1 (Write a topic that you like)

    STEP 2 (Write two adjectives about your topic)

    STEP 3 (Write three -ing words about your topic)

    STEP 4 (Write a 4-words sentence or a phrase that will fit in your both topics)

    STEP 5 (Write three -ing words about the next topic)

    STEP 6 (Write two adjectives about the next topic)

    STEP 7  (Write your next topic it could be the opposite of your first topic, or something that you remember when you think about your first topic)

    STEP 8 (Don’t forget to proofread)

Hope you learned something new. Well, I am pretty sure that most of the fifth graders in our class know about it, so as the other class. They have also done it in class, or in home as a homework. But I just wanted to write something. Enjoy.

Keep Calm


Write your

Diamante Poem Now

March 25, 2017
by salmaa22

Me and my Super Mother

Dear Mom,

First, I would like to greet you with a Happy Mother’s Day, but in my opinion Mother’s Day could be every day. You, as a Super Mother, don’t need a specific day to be greeted for your hard work.

Why did I call you a Super Mom? Because that is your truth, that is really who you are. I really love you as I can’t love anyone else.

You are AWESOME. Not just awesome–you are cool, special, funny, hard worker, super, cute, friendly, and smart.

Still I can’t manage my ideas of how to talk about you. Thanks for everything you have ever done for me in my whole life. Whatever I have done to you, I am really sorry😣. I love you😍.


Salma Albaz Abbas

P.S. I love you to the moon and back.


March 20, 2017
by salmaa22

Stop Bullying

Stop Bullying is a small logo that sixth graders owned this year. I, as a fifth grader would like to talk about it, for bullying is not a good thing in our community. As not to bully is the good thing.

                What is the use of not bullying? 

As we all know that bullying is a bad thing so we don’t make it even though some people do it, but we should not do it, so what is the use of not making it?

If we are not bullying there will not be any dangerous things in our life. If we are not bullying there will be no unfair laws. If we are not bullying people will not die in big amounts. If we are not bullying there will be nothing bad in our life. Some people bully because they think it is okay, but it is not instead it is really dangerous.

With bullying there will be…

  1. Dying.
  2. Unfair laws.
  3. Innocent prisoners.
  4. Fires.
  5. People will not be helpful.
  6. People will not and hand by hand.
  7. And all bad things that you could think of.


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