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Genius Hour Presentations


Hello, boys and girls and guests,

Here are some of our genius hour presentations. If you would like your Flipgrid video linked here so you can share it with others, just let Mrs. Denise know and she will add it.

Thanks! Enjoy!

  1. Ahmed A. – Pizza and other purposes dough
  2. Ali I. – Video editing helps
  3. Alya M. – Learning to draw faces
  4. Fatima S. – Learning New Cooking Recipes
  5. Fatima Z. – Making a flipbook
  6. Hawra’a – Ramadan sweets
  7. Hisham and the book he made about our galaxy
  8. Hussain N. – String art
  9. Hussain S. – photo corner and how to frame photos
  10. Jana – Grilling healthy chicken
  11. Jerome and his blog posts about cooking for his family
  12. Noor – Making organizers for craft supplies
  13. Zainab – Making natural colors and restyling clothes
  14. Mohammed Hasan – Perfecting his table tennis game
  15. Mrs. Denise – Using spices and making sourdough


Author: Denise Krebs

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  1. That is great Mrs. Denise
    Thank you for all the efforts you are doing
    I’m pleased to see my daughter’s presentation getting exposed to more audience

  2. Very nice work guys, keep it up

  3. Thanks a lot Mrs. Denise for your efforts and very creative assignments.. I am very happy to see my son Ali’s video.. We discover our kids creativity from your assignments.. Thanks a lot..

  4. Hi Ms. Denise,

    It was really great and beneficial project.

    Thank You,


  5. Hi Mrs Denise keep it up. It was a great experience for my daughter she learned how to be more confidence while speaking in English many thanks for your support and encouragement.

    • Dr. Bushra,
      Thank you so much! Your family is greatly appreciated. I love the support Jana gets from you all for her wonderful projects! The chicken looked so delicious!
      Mrs. Denise

  6. Thank you Mrs Denise for choosing my presentation

    • Hawra’a, you have taught me about presenting during this genius hour! I love your strength of voice, gestures, meaningful content, and of course, the delicious foods you created!
      Love you,
      Ms. Denise

  7. I love and appreciate all your hard work Ms. Denise
    Hussain and myself really like your ideas and your way of explanation,
    Thank you again.
    Hussain S. and His mother Wafa
    And it’s ok to use his video

  8. I’ll be happy to share my work with others .. it was a creative assignment ..

  9. Hello Ms. Denise
    I will be happy to share my Genius Hour presentation…
    and thank you for giving us a chance to share our talents

  10. Hi Mrs.Denise,

    I would be happy to share my presentation if you don’t mind?

  11. Hi Mrs Denise
    I would love to share my genius hour project with everyone if you don’t mind?
    Alya M b7

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