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The Ginger Bread Woman


The Gingerbread Woman

By Ali Aloraibi

This is another version for the Gingerbread man.

Once upon a time there was a little boy that like to bake a cake, One day he thinked to back a Gingerbread woman, Then he gathered the ingredient to back the Gingerbread woman, After a while the Gingerbread woman jumped through the oven and she got out of the house, Then the little boy went to chase her, After the little boy was tired because the Gingerbread woman where to fast, After the Gingerbread woman past the lion and the lion said to the Gingerbread woman:( i’ll eat you you’re so  delicious to me, Then the lion chased the Gingerbread woman, Then the lion where to tired because the Gingerbread woman was so fast: “run run you can’t catch me I’m a Gingerbread woman.”

Then the Gingerbread woman ran past the sheep, Then the sheep said for the Gingerbread woman,  “You’re so delicious. I’ll eat you.”

After the sheep chased the Gingerbread woman, Then the sheep become tired. After the Gingerbread woman was showing off, Then she went to a mountain and if she just walked one step, she will fall because she wanted to go to the other side of the mountain.

Then an eagle came to let her jump on his back, and the Gingerbread woman didn’t trust the eagle. Then the Gingerbread woman thought it will be ok because it will be only like 2 minutes.

Then the Gingerbread woman jumped on his back, and then the eagle flipped the Gingerbread woman in mid air, and he ate the Gingerbread woman. That was the end of the Gingerbread woman.



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