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Bendy’s Revenge Part 1

By Yousif Ahmed

Chapter 1

The Fight

“I always win,” Bendy said. “They get stronger and stronger and they get easier to defeat. ”

The glitch came in and said, “One day you will fight a villain but lose. ”

We will see,” Bendy said. Suddenly they heard a crash on their roof! Bendy ran up to his roof it was like he was a cheetah. and he saw a big crack. Bendy looked down the crack and jumped in. Then he saw a villain known as the destroyer!

Bendy picked up a rock and threw it on the Destroyer. But the destroyer didn’t feel anything. Then the destroyer picked up his staff and spun it on the floor.

Suddenly a portal came up and then alien guards jump out of the portal and trying to shoot Bendy but they kept missing and missing. Bendy wore his suit it was BULLETproof! and FIREproof! and can FLY! Bendy flew as far away as he could.

He found a place to stay but his suit broke! Bendy picked up his suit and went to a shed. He placed his suit on the table and tried to fix it. He worked all day and night and his hard work paid off; he fixed his suit. Now he is ready for a fight. But then Thanos came in. Bendy was ready he fought him, and then he defeated Thanos.

THE NEXT DAY, Bendy fixed his flying boots and he flew back to his mansion. He saw his dad Redbear and saw his sister Puppet talking to Glitch. Then they saw Bendy. Redbear was surprised about Bendy’s mansion. He thought it was going to be a small house, but when he saw it he was so proud of Bendy.

The puppet was afraid because what happened to Bendy when the destroyer came in,. She thought that Bendy died, but Bendy is a strong creature that lived!

Bendy was sure that his biggest arch nemesis, Purple Guy, was up to this. That made Bendy angry.

Suddenly Whiplash jumps in front of Bendy and then Whiplash picks up his electrical rope and throws it on Bendy. Bendy gets an electrical shock, but he can survive. Bendy throws the rope on Whiplash. Whiplash turns off his rope. Then they fight. Then the destroyer comes in and spins his staff on the rug and then the portal came back in and Thanos came back too. Purple Guy comes in the middle! One minute later Watered Bendy and Plant Bendy comes in.

Bendy says, “I don’t need weapons to fight you.” So he drops all his weapons. He ran to Purple Guy and the fight started. Redbear is the strongest. He made a lightning strike on Purple Guy. Purple Guy got shocked. Then for 50 minutes, they fought. Finally, the fight ended but Bendy won.

Purple Guy says, “You haven’t seen the last of me,  Bendy.”

“We will see about that,” Bendy said. Purple Guy did not lie.


Bendy’s Vacation

The next week, Bendy goes on a vacation to Dubai. He wants to go meet his friend Watered Bendy.

Watered Bendy loves a place called Warner Bros., but Bendy did not like it. He loves and lives in Disneyland, but he hates his replacement Mickey Mouse.

When Bendy rang the bell, Watered Bendy wasn’t there. He was at a camp, bored and making s’ mores. Bendy waited for 4 hours! And Watered Bendy finally came, but he was so exhausted. So Bendy went with him, but Watered Bendy ran and jumped on his bed and he slept.

Bendy waited for Watered Bendy to wake up for 12 hours, and the next hour he woke up. Bendy was already sleeping! Watered Bendy took his sprayer of ink and sprayed it all over Bendy!

Bendy woke up and got mad and Watered Bendy was scared. Then Bendy laughed and then Watered Bendy laughed with him.

The next day, Bendy went to Watered Bendy so they can play mini-games on Watered Bendy’s PS4. Bendy said that he wanted to challenge Watered Bendy on Fortnite.

Watered Bendy accepted the challenge and he said, “Challenge accepted,” with a big smile on his face.

Bendy watched him play for 2 hours. Watered Bendy killed 12 players. Bendy did a fake sneeze and then Watered Bendy threw his controller on his floor. And shouted, “Bendy!”

Then it was Bendy’s time to play. He took his epic controller and told Watered Bendy, “Watch this.” Bendy killed 30 players in one minute!

And then he almost killed two more players, but Watered Bendy said, “BEHIND YOU!” Bendy looked behind but there was nothing.

Watered Bendy took Bendy’s controller and threw a boogie bomb on his face. Then he died in the game.


Purple Guy is a Loser!

Purple Guy is angry because he lost and now he is in jail! Purple Guy saw a prisoner in the next cage. And he said, “Pssst, hey, hey you? Yes, you! Do you want to escape and join me to kill Bendy?”

And the prisoner said, “Ummmm, OK, and by the way, I’m Jack.”

Purple Guy said, “Nice to meet you, Jack. I’m Purple Guy.”

(Yes, it is a small chapter.)


Bendy Goes to London

Bendy loves London. He always wished to go there when he was a kid, and now he can go. But, sadly, he is going alone to meet Plant Bendy. He is Bendy’s friend.  He always wanted to meet him, so he is going.

The next 4 hours, Bendy arrived at his house. He rang the bell two times and then Plant Bendy opened the door and said, “Bendy? Is that really yo…”

He did not finish his sentence because Bendy said, “Yes, it’s me.”

Plant Bendy got really happy and told him to come in.

Bendy said to Plant Bendy, “This is your house. It looks soooo amazing.”

Plant Bendy said, “Yes, it is very amazing.”

“So what do you have for today? Bendy asked, excitedly.

Plant Bendy said, “Oh I’m just going to the park to watch cute dogs. Then I’ll go to the London Eye to take a look at the nice view of the land that is beautiful. You could come if you don’t have any work to do.”

Bendy said, “OK, I will come and do my work tomorrow.”

Bendy went out and said, “OK, let’s go.”

Plant Bendy goes out and then runs fast. He was like a formula car at full speed.

Bendy said, “Slow down!”

Plant Bendy had arrived,  but Bendy was still near the house!

THE NEXT 2 HOURS, Bendy arrived, but he was tired. Plant Bendy grew a flower from his hand, but Bendy is allergic to flowers. Plant Bendy put the flower near Bendy’s nose, and then Bendy sneezed so loud that it was like a big wet sneeze storm.

Bendy said, “HUH. WOAH! Where are we?”

Plant Bendy said, “We are now in the park, remember?”

“Oh, right,” Bendy said. So they went to the park. And Bendy stopped because Plant Bendy wanted some ice cream. They went to get the ice cream. Bendy took the ice cream, a banana split.

“Hola,” a strange person said. That is NOT FRENCH! He just knows one French word. (HOLA)

It was Soldier Bendy said, “Hello, what are you doing here today?”

Plant Bendy and Bendy said to Soldier Bendy, “Oh nothing.

Plant Bendy said, “Just getting some ICE CREAM.”

Soldier Bendy said, “Okay?”

Bendy said, “Why don’t you come and walk with us?”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. OK,” Soldier Bendy said.

“OK, let’s go walk someplace.”

THE NEXT WEEK, soldier Bendy decided that he will stay with them for two days and Bendy said he will stay for two days too.

THE NEXT TWO DAYS, it is time for soldier Bendy and Bendy to go.


Purple Guy’s Escape Plan

“So we are going to leave from the wall,” Purple Guy said.

Then Jack said, “OK, but how do we get out from the wall without my suit?”

“Oh, I’ve got people coming.”

“OK,” Jack said.

(And this is a

small chapter too.)

Chapter 6

Bendy Goes Back to the MANSION

“OK, so I’m back,” Bendy said.

Glitch said, “Finally you’re back.”

“OK, what did I miss?” Redbear said.

Bendy said, “The whoooooooole thing.”

(This is a small chapter too.)


Plan Worked

The destroyer came to take Purple Guy and Jack. They arrived at the mansion!

Bendy said, “Oh no!”

To be continued…..

Part 2 coming in May 2019!


This is a bonus just a bonus, only a BONUS!

Bendy plays some Fortnite on his laptop. Then he heard a big smash in his living room, and he walked with a big lamp and opened the door, but nobody was there. But there was a box. Bendy opened the box. And he said, “Oh my GOD!’’. It was a box that had Fortnite toys and he saw a disc it said 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 v-bucks for free. So he ran so fast and put the disc in his PS4 Pro and then he waited and said, “Come on, come on.” It finally worked and Bendy screamed with joy.

Then he played Fortnite. He bought everything the season 8 Battle Pass and all of the skins in the item shop. The next time he played Fortnite, he won 60 games of solo and 5000 games in the squad. He was a champion. He played more solo.

THE END, but it will be continued in part 2 bonus.

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