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my fav chapter


Chapter 4

The gloves


The shoes

My boots is Adidas it was very was called the predators.My gloves was for Courtois he was one of the best goalkeepers in the world.I wanted cristiano ronaldo boots.but it was 34 BD it was to expensive and we are poor.I was walking in the streets some one came to me.he was a stranger he freaked me out. because he was wearing a mask and a jacket it was written in blood.and saying in the jacket bye bye.he kidnapped me.when I waked up I saw a boots that I wanted.he came to me and said do you want that boots.I said to him yes.then he let me go it was the best day.It was my birthday my parents had a job I got proud of them.they had a bit of money so they took me Italy to see the match Juventus VS Atletico Madrid.we won 3:2 what a victory!before I want to the match I played with cristiano ronaldo he gave me his shirt.He scored a three goals what a HATRICK!

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