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We are Authors


On Monday, 5 March 2018, we will have a celebration of young authors in the grade 5 English class. We hope you can join us.

We have had a week of celebrating writing and reading.

Last Thursday we had an author come for a visit. Sarah Clarke and her dog Baloo go to the special needs school RIA. Baloo is a therapy dog. He makes the children feel loved and happy. Mrs. Sarah has written two books: Where’s Baloo? and This Way Baloo!

We had fun listening to her tell us about writing, pass out prizes for answering questions, and tell us about Baloo’s adventures. One of the best parts was seeing and petting Baloo.

Another highlight was when Mrs. Clarke started talking about the novels that the grade 5 students had written. She complimented them on their stories, and then chose one out randomly to give a prize to the author. Abbas was the lucky winner.

Later during our rainy recess, students flocked around the basket of fifth grade books, reading and looking through the stories.

As a teacher, these are the moments I love–when the lines are blurred between readers and writers. Authors write stories. It’s not only famous people who are authors. In grade 5 all the students are authors.

Baloo came for a visit!

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Mrs. Sarah Clarke asked questions.

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Rainy day reading.

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More reading on a rainy recess day.

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Update: Tuesday, 26 February, grade 5 buddied-up for reading time with Grade 3. Many fifth graders chose their novels as the books they wanted to read to their buddies.

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