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The Best Day in the Easter Holiday


The first day of holiday I went to Renad’s grand mother house. I wasn’t the only one that went. Some of the girls in my class came and just two or three girls didn’t come with us. We went to her grand mother house with a bus and her mother came with us in the bus. When we reached there we ate diner. After we finished eating diner we started playing water flip competition and hide and seek…. that was awesome. After few minutes left her mother asked us if we wanted to go to beach, we all agreed expect Fatima F., but then when we reached to the beach she wanted to stay more and she said that she loved staying in the beach. In there some of the girls went to the sea and they saw a tiny little crab they wear trying to catch him but, Hawra came to them and they jumped and crab went away. The other girls were playing with sand I was with them. We covered Alaa, Renad’s cousin, with sand except her head. When we went to her grand mother house Renad’s mother cooked us nuggets, French fries….

While we were eating we were talking and eating at same time. While we were talking some of the girls went to their houses. When we finished talking we started playing with a pillow. When all the girls went to their houses I was the last one I felt bored with Renad so I called my parents to pick me. They came for me 10:00 pm.

That was the bast and first day of the Easter holiday.

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  1. I hope you had fun.

  2. But I hope in the next time all the class come to my grandmother house.

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