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It happened already.

It can be one ( 1 ) second ago, yesterday, last year, anytime in past.

Ex. I ate the apple at recess.

On regular verbs add “ed” ( follow the special spelling rules ).

On irregular verbs – You have to learn the special word for past tense.

Regular – looked, called, laughed, lived.

Irregular – made, came, gave, ran.


It happens now.

It can also be used with helping verbs to happen in future.

Ex. I eat the apple now. \ I will eat the apple after school.

  • look, call, laugh, live, make, come, give, run.

* Sometimes verbs are ” regular ” look, call, laugh, live.

*Sometimes verbs are ” irregular ” make, come, give, run.

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My name is Salma Albaz. I am 10 years old and I blow my candles on the 27th of May. I am a fifth grader and I study in Alraja School in Bahrain, though I am an egyptian. My dream is to be a scientist because science is awesome.


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