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    In this posts I would like to talk about similes.(an old lesson for grade 5)

A simile is a comparison that uses ( like ) or ( as ).

Examples:- As grizzly as a bear.

                      Busy like a bee.

Some awesome examples

Cotton candy is soft as a cloud.

The moon light at night is bright as the diamond sunlight when it reflects on the sea.

Now you can write your own simile as a comment.


Author: salmaa22

My name is Salma Albaz. I am 10 years old and I blow my candles on the 27th of May. I am a fifth grader and I study in Alraja School in Bahrain, though I am an egyptian. My dream is to be a scientist because science is awesome.


  1. Here is my simile -: You are beautiful as a rose.

  2. The book is thick like the atmosphere of Venus! 🙂

  3. I love this lesson.

  4. That is a great lesson.

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