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When you dance you feel like you’re are doing something that makes you feel comfortable. I love to dance. I feel like dancing is part of me. If I don’t dance, I feel like there is no me. But it’s just a feeling. Dancing is something you like if people say it’s bad, they’re bad. Stand up for yourself when people do that to you. Don’t sit still until they leave. Show them who you really are. Anyway, back to the subject. Dancing is one of the famous things nowadays. If you dance,  you dance good even better than anyone. We’re all perfect 🙂

It’s me Angy again with another awesome post. Hope you liked it. Oh, you can call me Wacky Watermelon if you wish 🙂 LOVE YOU ALL, remember we are all the same and perfect 🙂

Author: angy24a7

I love to dance. When I dance I feel the beat and dance from my heart.

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