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Black Tie


Today, I saw a cat in Jidhaf’s market. He was so calm that I managed to touch it. The cat had a white chin and a black body. He was so cute. We started to play with him and everybody looked at me and my sister. We called the cat Black Tie, although he had a white chin. The cat looked like Zorro. He had a white chin and a dark black mask on his face. He was a peculiar cat. He was still and calm when we touched him. He purred when we stroked him. He was a very sweet and strange cat. I really hope to see him again. If I saw him, I would buy a fish for him and his friends to feast on, and I would pat them. I wish that my cat Prince could meet him and learn some manners from him, even though Black tie is a street cat and street cats are often mistaken to be wild and dangerous.

When I think of Black Tie, I remember the other cat that we saw in Manama that was so nice with us. She was meowing at us and didn’t want us to leave. She had a name called Black Night. Surprisingly all the black cats we meet are friendly and not like other black cats in movies.

by: Maryam, my sister, and Fatima

Author: fatoom

I am 11 years old. My name is Fatima


  1. Dear Fatima and Maryam,
    What a beautiful post! I love this slice of your life–that you enjoyed spending some time with Black Tie, and then that you came home and wrote about it. It is just wonderful. I feel like I am right there, and I can picture Black Tie in my mind with your rich details!

    Mrs. Denise

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