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How to Write a Book Poem

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How to Write a Book poem by MsKIA (Ms. Know-It-All)

When you want to write a book

Think of something good

Here is an example

Mr. Bump and the Marble

Be sure to have a piece of paper

When you think your ideas can’t be greater

Grab a pencil and start writing

Your story that will be satisfying

And when you’re done

take a look at the paper

and make sure all of the errors are gone

Design a cover for your book

It must have a good look

Write the story that you edited

Then take another look at it

And another and another

Till you become happy with it !!!



One Comment

  1. Sarah, this is just wonderful! How did you get the idea? It is inspiring, and I know you have written a book so you have some good ideas for doing so.

    Keep up the great work! Do you know what you want your blog to be called?

    Mrs. Denise

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