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Diamante Poem



awesome, cool

experimenting, learning, writing

A place to live.

watching, playing, working

fun, noisy


  As you read this example above about my diamante poem you usually need to understand it.

  A diamante poem is called like that because when it is written it should take the shape of a diamond. Remember it should be the shape of a diamond in math but not in science as a mineral. I know mine does not really look as a diamond above but I tried my best to fix it on a lap top. If you want to do your own diamante poem you should follow the following instructions.

    STEP 1 (Write a topic that you like)

    STEP 2 (Write two adjectives about your topic)

    STEP 3 (Write three -ing words about your topic)

    STEP 4 (Write a 4-words sentence or a phrase that will fit in your both topics)

    STEP 5 (Write three -ing words about the next topic)

    STEP 6 (Write two adjectives about the next topic)

    STEP 7  (Write your next topic it could be the opposite of your first topic, or something that you remember when you think about your first topic)

    STEP 8 (Don’t forget to proofread)

Hope you learned something new. Well, I am pretty sure that most of the fifth graders in our class know about it, so as the other class. They have also done it in class, or in home as a homework. But I just wanted to write something. Enjoy.

Keep Calm


Write your

Diamante Poem Now

Author: salmaa22

My name is Salma Albaz. I am 10 years old and I blow my candles on the 27th of May. I am a fifth grader and I study in Alraja School in Bahrain, though I am an egyptian. My dream is to be a scientist because science is awesome.


  1. Cool Diamante Poem, Salma.

  2. That is a nice diamante poem, Salma.

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