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I have a dream. Do you have a dream? Well, of course, you do. Everyone has one, and if you say that you don’t then you haven’t got to it because everyone has one. Mine is to be an artist. I love my art subject and teacher. I wish to be like my art teacher someday. What is your dream? Here is a picture of how I hope I will be painting when I’m older:

I hope to get my own blog because this is my 8th blog post.




Author: ZozyZain

I post blogs daily, and I love puppies and wish to have one someday. I have lots of friends, and some also have blogs but don't post daily.


  1. Will I get a blog, Mrs. Denise?

  2. Wow, Zain!! You have great imagination of art, Zain!! But you are an artist.

  3. Wow, ZozyZain! You have a nice dream. I can help you in art because I am good at art. You can ask me at any time you want.

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