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true friend


♥if you know what a true friend is for♥ 
                                 you know what a good life is likea bad friend is like waves in the sea♥ 

                                 but a good friend is like angels in the skyno matter what he's always on your side♥ 

                                 and his impossible to forgetyour true friend is an angel in the sky


  1. Wow, that sounds beautiful. Did you come up with it by yourself?

  2. A good friend is nice.

  3. It’s true! I like your description in your poem.

  4. Dear Sharifa,

    Sharifa, it is really awesome, but if it had rhyming words it would have been glorious.


    • Dear Salma,

      I hope you’re doing great. I’m really glad you like my poem.

      I actually thought about putting rhyming words but I did not have ideas for it, so I didn’t.


  5. This is my first time seeing your post, and I liked it. (:

  6. Dear Sharifa,

    I really enjoyed your poem! It is beautiful to know what a true friend is like. And thanks for telling us how a true friend is like!


  7. Sharifa, that’s nice. Good job.

  8. Thanks, Mohamed.

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