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Whoever Perseveres on a Thing Can do it


Everyone has tried something that didn’t work at first. It might be anything. It might me drawing a thing, doing a trick, or it might be playing a new sport. Everyone tried to do something that didn’t work. But not everybody endsĀ up not knowing how to do it. Some people after trying one time and not working will say: ” Well, looks like I can’t do it, better try something else”. No! Don’t be like that. Be like the people that say: “I will keep on doing it!”

You need to persevere on things you don’t know. I’ll tell you what happened with me. Once, we went on a field trip to “Funland” which was mostly skiing. When I first put my skating boot on the ice I fell. I tried for two hours to get the hang of it until I finally did. Me and my best friend knew how to at the end. Don’t forget! Practice and trying makes perfect!Possible, Impossible, Opportunity

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