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Building your future


My dad always tells me that when you are improving and learning new things in a day, you add a block to the tower of your future. Your future tower is not a real tower. What it means is that if you don’t work hard and put effort from your childhood, maybe your future won’t be good. When you graduate from school, you must have finished your future tower. If you finish your future tower too soon then you can add trees and a pool and lights. If your future tower is nice and wonderful when you graduate, then your work and other things in your adult will be nice and wonderful. But if your future tower is unfinished and nasty when you graduate, well, I hate to say this but maybe your future won’t be so nice.

Take care of your future tower and I hope everybody’s will be great and have a great future!

I hope everybody’s future tower will be this one below!



Author: Ayman10+

Hi! I am Ayman10+! I am interested in almost everything, especially in science.


  1. So cool, Ayman! You totally gave great advice.

  2. You’re right, Zain! It’s so cool and wonderful.

  3. It is nice that your dad tells you to improve your learning.

  4. So cool, Ayman!! You totally made an amazing advice! Good luck in future!:)

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