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Slice of Life Posts #sol17 Day 7

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We continue to be involved in the Slice of Life Writing Challenge. I love that so many of the grade 5 students are writing up a storm. Here are a few from today:

Imagine by Zain

3D and 4D Movies by Ayman

Family by Jood

My family is an amazing slice of life! My family is the best. They love me so much. I am so happy with them. We live with each other. My best cousin’s name is Hala Memo and NSNS. We call each other these names because we love each other. We are the best family ever. My family is the best.

My Birthday by S. Mohd

I wish my parents buy to me a new IPhone because my IPhone is broke, but I can use it. The battery is broke and the glass is broke.

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  1. Cool! I made another post; check it out.

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