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3D + 4D movie!


Today, we went on a field trip to “Magic Island”. It has millions of games, video games, and rides. There happened a lot of awesome things, but today I will talk only about the 3D and 4D all mixed together movie! Out teacher told us about a movie at the other side of “Magic Island”.

Me and my friends ran there and waited our turn. When it was our turn, we went inside a room that had only four movie seats. When we chose and sat on our seats, a man who worked there gave us 3D glasses. When he went out and shut the door, a friend of ours, who was the one before us who watched it hid there and never got out! He didn’t even pay to go in. My friends told the man about the friend who hid. He got him out.

Anyway, after he got out, the movie began. The movie is like you in a wood piece in the mountains of snow crossing one by one. But guess what? When the piece was drifting and crossing, the seats were moving and jumping, as if you were REALLY there! It was a very nice movie! When the movie finished, the door opened and the same man came out and took the glasses and we got out! It was the best movie I watched, even though it was 3 minutes only!

I hope everybody has awesome rides like this

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