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Moh’s Scale of Hardness

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Rocks and minerals are almost everywhere. Even when you are in class you find minerals. The tip of your pencil is a mineral. Sometimes your toothpaste has a mineral called fluorite. Not all the minerals have the same hardness. So biologists, and us, use a table called Moh’s scale of hardness. You can see it below. For example, the diamond is the hardest. ¬†Talc is the softest. The scale use numbers to show how hard it is. It uses from 1-10. 1 is the softest. 10 is the hardest. All minerals are used in different things. Talc is used in talcum powder. Fluorite is used in toothpaste we use. The diagram also shows what scratches it or what it scratches.

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  1. HI Ayman, I thought you started to love rocks like me

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