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Being the Best doesn’t Mean everyone knows


You always think to make yourself the best. If you’re the best, you feel proud. If you’re not the best, you imagine yourself the best AND try to be the best.

Well, a lot of kids do good work and get good marks, but nobody knows it. Then that kid feels like he’s not good, just because his friends believe it. After this moment, he looks for some things to help people believe him. Then he just says, “Well, looks like I’m not the best”. No! Don’t do this! If you believe it, you are the best, or at least good.

I hope you learned something about this!


Author: Ayman10+

Hi! I am Ayman10+! I am interested in almost everything, especially in science.


  1. You are the best! We know it clear in Wisconsin, USA! Thank you for your encouragement!

  2. We read your slice and think your words are truthful and touching! They will help kids who feel upset or left out.

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