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Constructing, creating, communicating, collaborating, and thinking critically in grade 5.


  1. To Mrs. Denise’s class,

    Thank you so much. Our class viewed your messages on the wall screen during our Valentine’s Day party. Students were allowed to bring in a treat to pass around to each student. Most brought candy, while others brought in items like pencils or stickers or flowers. It was quite a power-packed day with much energy. We appreciate your effort put into making this presentation. So glad we are pen pals. We have a bulletin board about you all. We will send a photo real soon. Enjoy your day.

    Mrs. Wieland’s class

    • Dear Mrs. Wieland’s Class,
      We have been asking every day if you got our letters yet. We wonder if you have received them. We hope so. Mrs. Denise said your friends are coming next month. We hope they can bring more letters from you. We hope all is well with you!

      Your grade 5 friends

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